Samuel Eto’o accused of bleaching his skin


Samuel Eto’o is making headlines and this time, its not about football or any of his philanthropic duties.

The four time ‘African Football Player of the Year’ winner is now being accused by fans of bleaching his skin. It’s not like he’s ever slammed any celebrity for doing so.

“Why is Eto’o looking different?” One fan wrote on Facebook. “Is Eto’o now changing his skin color?” Another one asked. “Why is Eto bleaching?” another asked again and so on…


Samuel Eto’o at his brother’s wedding in Douala

In a recent picture of Samuel Eto’o at his junior brother’s wedding in Douala, the football icon looked quite different from his previous images. His skin tone appeared fairer than it’s usually – which raised the question if the footballer is bleaching his skin.

In another photograph showing Eto’o rocking a T-shirt carrying rapper, Tenor’s slogan “Le Fian le way le yamo”, he appeared to have a brighter skin tone.


Is Samuel Eto’o bleaching his skin?

According to, back in July 2015 Eto’o’s agent, Santos Marquez accused Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez of discriminating against black players, claiming Samuel Eto’o was sold from the club because of the color of his skin .

“I also fought with him over Eto’o. Samuel was just as much a Galactico as Figo. He left for the color of his skin,” Santos told AS.


Is Samuel Eto’o bleaching?

Samuel Eto’o also attempted to walk out of a live match in Spain when the fans repeated made racist noises at him during an FC Barcelona game.

So, if Eto’o was so proud of his dark skin while at the peak of his football career, why then is he trying so hard to look fairer in complexion?

Dcoders, what do you think? Is Eto’o bleaching his skin?


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