Saving Mbango Movie Premiere: Stylists, Designers anticipate epic red carpet show down

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Stephanie Tum’s debut movie, ‘Saving Mbango’ premieres at the Canal Olympia, Douala on October 26 and has now been dubbed the most anticipated red carpet event in Cameroon’s showbiz but no group of persons await the red carpet spectacle more than stylists, designers and fans.

October is just around the corner and that means it’s time to fete freshest fashion exhibit at the Saving Mbango movie premiere – swoon over the red carpet.

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CAMIFF 2018 Red Carpet

Cameroon has witnessed some exquisite red carpet glamour in the past but most stylists and fashion designers believe #SavingMbango’s predicted Orange carpet event could be the most anticipated night in fashion this year. Many await with bated breath to see who will best run with the theme, which is “Cameroon Traditional Spectacle”.

Some designers have taken to social media demanding for ticket buyers to begin preparing for that red carpet premiere early enough in order to prevent last minute running.

Lima T. Jasino, top Cameroonian fashion designer, tells us that the theme choice for the red carpet is simply perfect and he expects nothing short of elegance and comfortable outfits.

“The theme got my full attention and that’s because this is a good initiative to promote and encourage our culture. Not only our culture but also to give opportunities to many local designers to prove their worth on the biggest stage. Sincerely, I am looking forward to seeing everyone in the most elegant and comfortable outfits,” he said.


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CAMIFF 2018 Red Carpet

Stephanie Tum, producer of the film explains that the reason she chose the theme, “Cameroon Traditional Spectacle” is because she wants Cameroonian fashion to stand tall and be seen, recognized, admired and desired by many – both in and out of the country. She adds that with a film which highlights love, struggle and victory in a rural community, if she had gone with a Western theme for the red carpet, it wouldn’t be fair to our culture and home designers.

“Celebrating Cameroonian tradition on this red carpet is awesome!” confirms fashion stylist and philanthropist, Fichian Nfi

“I would recommend that guests should explore the West Region fabric, Bamenda Tohgu, Douala Kaba, Sanja, Raffiah from the Pygmy clan, 2 wrapper and blouse and so on…These are outfits which bring out the richness and exclusivity of the Cameroonian culture and traditional fashion,” Fichian says.

“Since our women have beautiful curves, I am looking forward to seeing a number of mermaid gowns, body-conscious gowns, A-line gowns, shear designs and why not have cut outs, high slits and bustiers; including long plunging necklines. All these looks are very sexy because and they accentuate every curve, just as they celebrate the confident brown skin girl,” explains Jasino


#SavingMbango has caught the attention of most Cameroonians, thanks to its original screenplay, love theme and massive social media engagements before, during and after shooting at a small village in the South West Region, called Mondoni.

‘Saving Mbango’ premieres at Canal Olympia cinema on October 26 in Douala. Save the date.

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