Makossa icon Sergeo Polo allegedly arrest and detain video director Dr. Nkeng Stephens

nkengs stephens arrested

Popular music video director, Dr. Nkeng Stephens was arrested and detained by the Buea police last week for allegedly delaying on Makossa icon, Sergeo Polo’s new music video.

According to blogger, Valery Atia of Kamer Kongossa, the award winning video director was arraigned after a celebrity football match at the Molyko stadium, Buea.

sergeo polo

Sergeo Polo

In his usual Facebook Live sessions, Atia told fans that Makossa singer, Sergeo Polo was behind Nkeng’s arrest. Mr. Polo accused Nkeng of being deceitful. He claims he paid Nkeng to shoot and edit his latest video and the director has not delivered the finished job at the time he assured him he will.

Atia also claims Sergeo Polo was bitter over the fact that his video was shot before Longe Longe‘s (another Makossa star) but Longe Longe’s video has been delivered before his own.

Nkeng Stephens

Nkeng Stephens

In his defense, sources say Nkeng had told Polo to be a little more patient but apparently, the Makossa star couldn’t stand the fact that his video had not yet been done while Longe Longe‘s was done, sealed and delivered.

Nkeng has since been released and we are so sure he would finish that video before he’s picked up again.

However, our question is; If you lock up the video director, who then will finish your video on time?

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