She cooks or twerks: What do guys really want?

What do guys really want

Every guy will tell you he needs a good woman to settle down or be in a stable relationship with, even though what he really wants to say is that he wants a “bad bitch!”

Model/socialite Amber Rose managed to describe who a bad bitch is in her 2015 book – How to be a Bad Bitch – a  woman ALL men dream of being with. She’s that woman who has her shit together, can balance everything so well, she doesn’t even need a man to handle business and kids. Ok, let’s slow down for a sec!

It’s no surprise that men want to eat their cake and have it. They want that woman who can cook, clean, respect, listen and love them as much as she also can f**k them to stupor. Hey! That’s possible. Only if you succeed in finding her!

Men are selfish. It’s always what they want. What they need. How they want things done and when they need it. Hardly do they consider what the other person thinks and how a woman feels. What she thinks only get considered only if it could come in between what the man wants. But no matter how tired or stressed out a man is, it’s hard for him to say no to sex at any time of the day. At that point, he’s only doing it because he can’t resist not because he wants you to get an orgasm. So, its not about you even though you are the reason he’s getting laid.

Among a group of people, men may show no interest in talking about strippers, escorts or girls they fuck at any time without getting any resistance. Instead, where they are women, they want to talk about that good girl they want to settle down with; that girl they think their parents will fall in love with. That girl who won’t ask questions about their whereabouts, pay slips or female friends. That woman who can cook, clean, pay some of the bills and just be available for sex.

Meanwhile, among them boys, it’s the entire opposite. They talk all things bad bitch. The Kim Kardashian ass, the Amber Rose twerks, Angelina Jolie lips and what they could use them for, the young girl begging them for attention, the new girl they just had a threesome with, the big girls they are now targeting and so many other lewd stuff. At this moment, it’s not about whether these bad bitches who can twerk, fuck a man’s brains off can actually cook, clean or love their parents. These type of girls are what the men really and truly want. They crave for them like a child craves candy.

What I’m trying to say is that 98% of men want a bad girl but hide under the canopy of finding a “good girl” to make them wifey. Have you ever wondered how these “bad girls” quickly get married while the good girls end up sleeping in churches and prayer grounds day-in-day-out searching for a husband at 35-40 years old? Think about it!

Girls, please be wise! You have to know when to switch on the good girl and when to be the bad bitch. Else you might just lose it all.


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    We want all

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