Should Ladies Wear Wigs During Sex?

sex wigs

American rapper, Meek Mill has a thing against ladies wearing wigs and now he is saying men should protest against ladies rocking wigs… especially during sex.

Now, I don’t know where this is coming from or what exactly ruins Meek Mill‘s sex sessions with women but to tell all men to protest the use of wigs by women is kind of off. However, I get where the brother is coming from.

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sex wigs

Meek Mill

The rapper took to Twitter on January 8 to tell his tale. According to one of his tweets, Meek told a story of how he was trying to make his sex a little rough by practicing a wild doggy style but when he grabbed his lady’s hair from the back, the wig pulled out and stuck to his hands (Hahaha!) Meek claims that incident alone traumatizes him till this day.

Many men will and can relate to Meek’s experience. Maybe it caused him to tumble to the ground and perhaps caused a slight pain for the lady. Whatever the case, Meek is traumatized and he needs his brothers’ help.

Wigs are cool, sexy and beautiful on women, especially for black women who are not blessed with the long black/blonde/ red hair on their heads like those on our white sisters’. So, it won’t be surprising to see 9 out of 10 black women rocking wigs or purchasing wigs at the stores.

A woman in a beautiful wig, lovely makeup and a hot dress is quite a sight to behold, even for our brothers (white or black) but when a macho man like Meek starts complaining about wigs ruining sex and traumatizing the minds or brains of men, I have concerns.

I love my wigs but do I want to wear a wig while having sex? No! I want my man to feel free. I want to feel free too, not looking over my shoulders if my wig will fall off. I also do not want to be concerned about his hands grabbing my hair when he’s hitting from the back or slamming on the wall. Hell no. That’s traumatizing, even to me!

sex wigs

Should men protest wigs on women during sex?

To some of my black male friends, long hair on women is an obstacle to great sex. Most of them have told me they love when she ties a ponytail or rock braids while in bed with them. Christian Grey did same for Anastasia in the red room. So, I get it. They claim, their own hair do not cause any problem during sex, why should women do?

However, most of these same friends of mine are the very ones clicking the LIKE button on pictures of hot black Instagram models in lingeries with wigs on. They’d go,Joan, this chick is hot as f**k!” “Her hair is smooth, Her lips.. her eyes…” bla bla bla. So, I’m confused on what they really prefer, long hair which isn’t a wig or the wig but when its not falling off the heads of their ladies during intimacy?

Men suffer from indecisions most times and always want to eat their cake and have it. I completely understand what Meek is saying but I won’t blame a black woman who wants to look sexier in a beautiful wig. At the end of the day, the two people involved just need to talk things out on what they prefer in their beds during sex.

Again, I love my wigs but I won’t rock a wig while trying to focus on my man.


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