8 Simple things to do when he’s coming over

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Hey Ladies! How you doing? (In Wendy’s voice)

Today on #joanonsex, I want to talk on getting yourself ready for your man whenever he’s coming over – to either spend hours, the night or the whole freakin weekend – and I don’t mean sexually.

There are simple things we (women) should do before he even arrives. Last time, I shared on ‘5 Things a Woman Should Know in the Bedroom’ and did say that women have the yardstick to spice up their bedroom moments by just being a little extra.

Well today, I want to share on the simplest things ladies should do when he is coming over.

Clean Up!

Most men are clumsy, scattered and careless about things being arranged in their homes but always want the reverse at their ladies’ homes. So, when he’s coming over, make sure to keep your place clean, neat and good looking. All you need is to sweep, mop, wash and change the sheets. With little or no money spent, you can make your man feel at home.


Unfriend Your Phone

Before he gets to your place, please halt all unwanted calls/texting to you know whos. If being on your phone will make him upset or uncomfortable, unfriend your phone few minutes before he arrives. This means, speak to whoever you had to speak to and then shut down or put your phone on silence. This act will give room for you both to spend actual time together, building your relationship and enjoying both companies. Phones could be distractions during dates.

Be Work Free

Do not make the error of trying to work when he’s at your place. Make sure to clear your work desk so he has your full attention. Men do love attention too. He wants you to listen to him, plan with him, enjoy the time with him and share it with no other thing. He wants to be pampered. Mind you, he could have stood you up to spend time with the boys but he’s here with you.


Today’s women constantly make the mistake of asking the man to bring food when he’s coming over. Why though? Why then are you home? Why can’t you prepare something he likes before he gets there? Make your man feel loved and cared for. Prepare something for you both to eat so he feels at home and not in a brothel. Make him want to spend more time with you by filling his stomach.  Add drinks (or water) and even fruits to your shopping list.


Please do not be that girl with bushes under armpit and in between her thighs. For God’s sake! Make your body his new heaven! Make him feel wanted. Make him see that you prepared yourself for all his touches and leaking. No man wants hair stock between his teeth while trying to give you a blow job. So, get your shaving cream and/or bic ready even before he shows up at your door. Be clean and smooth all over. After all, cleanliness is next to godliness.

Brush Up!

Some women forget to brush their teeth before their dates arrive. Please always make sure your mouth is good enough to be kissed at the door. Brushing your teeth won’t hurt you in any way. Just give the guy the opportunity to plant a deep or shallow kiss on your lips at his arrival.

Dress to Impress

When I use the word ‘dress’ I do not mean look like a celebrity at home. What I mean is that you should press the ignore button on those oversized kabbas, dirty looking leggings or even jeans. Plan your outfits for the period he’s at your home. Wear sexy outfits (after work for those who have to go to the office)

Surprise Him

Women are known to be very calculative in relationships. So when your man is coming over, a little surprise won’t be so bad. Do something he wouldn’t expect. Maybe buy him a gift, be ready to watch a football game with him without grumbling, prepare a candle lit dinner, buy that lingerie he liked on Kim Kardashian a few days ago, create his favorite playlist etc. Just do something different… different enough to cheer him up and make him enjoy and remember his stay at your home for a very long time.


What I’m trying to say is that, men love comfort. Just give it to them when they are around you.


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