Singer Awu addresses music contract drama, denies knowing financial sponsor

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Cameroonian singer, Awu has denied breaching any contract with his alleged financial sponsor, Mr. Dongmo Nguedia Victor.

Awu is in a nasty music contract drama and has been dragged to answer to a lawsuit by his alleged financier who claims the fast rising music act is going out of the terms of their business deal.

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Singer, Awu sued for breach of contract

In a court document obtained by Beta Tinz, Mr. Dongmo claims Awu (real name Awunganyi Etiendem Nkemasong) signed a protocol agreement two years ago, making him his financial sponsor to his musical production, video production, concert and all form of entertainment but recently, the singer has not been respecting the terms of their agreement.

Dongmo says the singer no longer collaborates with him on matters concerning his music business despite still benefiting from his financial largess for two years and being under contract.

We spoke with Awu and the singer tells us he doesn’t know the said Dongmo Nguedia Victor and never had any contract with the aforementioned individual.

“I don’t know either of these people nor did I make any contract with the people saying all these things about me. I don’t know them.” Awu says.

However, an inside source tells us, Mr. Dongmo Nguedia Victor is the owner of Plaza Music, the same music house which has represented Awu‘s music career in the last two years.


Music Plaza appears on Awu’s Sidomina art cover

Now, Awu claims he doesn’t know who Dongmo is and we are asking if Dongmo isn’t the owner of Plaza Music which appears on the cover art of the singer’s hit song, ‘Sidomina’?

Stay with us for more information on this story.

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  1. Ananymous

    October 10, 2018 at 4:25 pm

    The caption of this article on facebook made me to rush to read the full article, well i understand its a way to capture readers; I quote “Which business man is trying to block Awu’s music from going international? The man is even warning other musicians not to work with the fast rising singer” but am happy you guys were smart to realise the logo on both his cover arts and videos carry plaza music, and him denying he does not know the owner of a logo he uses in his art is bullshit. that is just the reason they will never grow.

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