Singer, Jaye Atise reveals life achievement, fans get confused


Cameroonian singer Jaye Atise is sharing on her greatest life achievement but her fans are even more confused than ever!

Jaye Atise took to her Facebook to reveal what she’s been able to achieve so far in her music career and the singer is beating her chest for taking her mother’s life lessons very seriously.


Jaye Atise writes on life


Jaye is best known for her song, ‘Peace,’ released October 2018, but many are now getting to know her better after her recent Facebook post. Before rewriting and editing the above post, the singer’s previous post looked like this:

“Am proud and happy that no nigg* in 237 artistic world, has f**ked my pu**y is that not an achievement in 237 as a female?????????????? We keep it clean.” Fans reactions were horrible.

One fan wrote, “Stop lying u don’t look decent,” before another added, “Who want Fuck that smelly pussy..this Kumba girls.” Another said, “Is the p****sy worth being banged by clean 237 artist ?” and the other wrote, “Only style for be popular.”

Whatever the comments and reactions, Jaye says, “I don’t believe in miracles, I believe in hard work, there’s no food for a lazy man.”


Watch Jaye Atise in Peace video below:

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