Song Review; ‘Higher Higher’ – Salatiel, Askia, Blaise B and Mr Leo

The Alpha Better Records stars have released a hit jam for the Holidays titled, ‘Higher Higher’ and here’s what I really think of this song from the #dirtykitchengang.

‘Higher Higher’ is no doubt a Christmas Carol (but of its own kind) and a thanksgiving grace to end the year 2017 on a high note.

The competent Alpha Better boss, Salatiel gives us an atmospheric intro to the carol which captivates your imagination from the star.

Blaise B gives us a testament to why he is called “His Vocal Highness” (HVH). Any fervent listener of Naija gospel music might mistake the “Eposi” singer for the inspiring Frank Edwards, when he hits those high notes with some degree of clinical precision.

Askia a.k.a La Reine gives you her signature and predictive rap blend. There’s nothing breathtaking from her part, for it is what we hear from her all the time.

The dynamic Mr. Leo ends the grace not failing to win hearts as he has done all year round with his soulful vocal. He also adds a blend of  “lamnso” to the lyrics.

‘Higher Higher’ produced by Salatiel, Big Joe and Mr. Akwandor has a good beat and an engaging rhythm which you would find yourself nodding your head and tapping your feet to all day long.

Rating: 3.5/5


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3-Worth Checking Out


4-Smoking Hot




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