Rapper Sparx The Virus is getting married, See pre-wedding pictures


Congratulations are in order for rapper, Sparx The Virus as he prepares for his wedding to his longtime girlfriend, Noela.

The Cameroonian rapper’s pre-wedding pictures are out now and show a very beautiful couple loving up to each other as they gear up towards their big day.

The couple has been together for above a year and are now looking forward to spending the rest of their lives by each other’s side.

Cameroonian photographer, Maestro Shabatam, who captured the couple’s pre-wedding shoot, explains to us that when he got the news of their engagement he was extremely happy yet pleasantly surprised.

“When the bride told me about the engagement and wedding pans, my first words were ‘wow, this is a bold step’. She’s like a daughter and one of the co founders of 44 Pictures. So, it’s like my wedding as well,” Maestro, Founder of 44 Pictures tells us.

Describing the couple and what he witnessed while manning the camera for their pre-wedding pictures, Maestro goes on to say that:

“They are so in love with each other. You can tell from the way they played and smiled at each other during the photoshoot. I felt no difficulties working with them during this shoot because I realized they both had similar ideas and thoughts. They were so emotional and well ready for the [union].”

Sparx The Virus and Noela Bih will tie the knot in July. Enjoy their pre-wedding pictures in our gallery below.



Sparx The Virus and fiance, Noela


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