[Music] LesLine, Blaise B, Ewube, Malgic ‘Stand For Peace’ amidst deadly Anglophone Crisis

Musicians have always played a vital role in revolutions against established societal norms and even do more by spreading powerful and life changing messages through music, in the midst of a country’s most difficult situations like civil unrests and wars.

Niki Heat Entertainment has gathered together some of Cameroon’s most powerful vocal artists; Blaise B, Ewube and The Voice Afrique former contestants, LesLine and Malgic for a very noble course – sing for peace for a very troubled Cameroon in a song titled, ‘Stand For Peace’.

anglophone crisis

LesLine, Blaise B, Ewube and Malgic release new song, Stand For Peace

‘Stand for Peace’ is a collaboration between LesLine (semi-finalist at The Voice Afrique) and 3 of her peers: Blaise B, Ewube and Malgic. It will be released on Friday 21st September 2018, which coincides with The International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) which is observed around the world each year on 21 September.

“‘Stand for Peace’ is a campaign to create awareness about music’s power to inspire peace. Support the campaign by legally downloading the song and by sharing with your friends and family,” explains Wilson Nyah, CEO of Niki Heat Entertainment.

‘Stand For Peace’ proves that these four artists are taking the courage to come forward and combat police brutality, barbarism and cruelty by spreading peace and harmony through music; Even though many languish in abject poverty, loss of their homes and properties to ruthless military invasions amidst a deadly Anglophone Crisis, ravishing the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

They hope to help people realise the true importance of freedom with their strong lyrics.

anglophone crisis

‘Stand 4 Peace’ song to drop on International Day of Peace 2018

The new song is subtle, abling to channel messages through soft cordes, yet portraying the strength of the artists’ vocability. However,  they are now taking a stand and they are choosing to preach peace, love, unity and indiscrimination within a community filled with hate, destruction and instability.

LISTEN to song ABOVE and tell us what you think in our comment section below.


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