Stanley Enow: 5 Fashion lessons learned from Casanova music video

stanley enow

Stanley Enow has released his much anticipated music video, Casanova and it’s a fashion and style banger!

The rapper’s new video is a pop of color and it’s dripping with so many fashion lessons. We want to look into five of them. Enjoy.

Ankara Jacket

African print Ankara jackets are a super stylish way to dress up your outfit and Stanley makes it even more stylish wearing one on top of his floral shirt in this ‘Casanova’ video. People now use Ankara to make different kinds of fashionable items like blazers and/or jackets. This is one fashion item every guy should have in his wardrobe.

Floral Shirts

stanley enow

Stanley Enow

Men in floral shirts are delicious. Its a must-have especially during the dry season. It gives a pop of color and a sense of style. Its risque but when worn and styled right, no one can compare to that! You can definitely wear on jeans or normal pants and you can also add an adorable pair of dark shades to the look!

 Agbada is good for the young


stanley enow

Stanley Enow in Whizzy Design Agbada in Ghana


Kiss a goodbye to that archaic thought of [only] old rich men wearing the African Agbada outfit. Stanley is telling every young rising entrepreneur that rocking an Agbada look is totally stylish. In this video, he even goes ahead to add multiple gold chains, dark shades, golden grillz and a hat on his different Agbada looks. Wait, a hat and Agbada!!!!?????????

Ankara Bikinis

Valerie Ayena rocks floral bikini body

Valerie Ayena rocks floral bikini body

This is clearly a must-have for every today’s woman. Ankara swim wears are fast becoming the trend for the perfect beach look. It gives our black ladies a sense of pride and identity but most of all, makes their beach style very unique. In Casanova video, we see models rocking Ankara bikinis like they don’t care and we’re love it!

Michael Jackson pants

stanley enow

Stanley Enow loves his pants shorter

Stanley Enow is not your every guy, when it comes to his personal style. He loves his pants/trousers slimmer and shorter than usual. Call it the Michael Jackson pants but its totally coming back to hunt men’s closets. Stanley is seen a couple of times, in this video, rocking these 4/5 pant lengths and he is also smart enough to ditch the socks as he dons some expensive shoes to go along with them.

WATCH Casanova video below:

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