5 things we love about Stanley Enow’s Caramel music video featuring Davido


It’s always a great pleasure to see Africa unite via music and this time around, Cameroonian hip hop king, Stanley Enow brings Nigerian music superstar, Davido on board to lend a hand on his latest track, Caramel,  off his yet-to-be-released and titled second studio album.

Stanley Enow is known for his power to get the biggest music collabos off top African stars but getting Davido!!?? Perhaps, no one saw that coming! It was really cool having both stars do a song and video together after hanging out in the USA for Davido‘s “30 Billion World Tour”.

With so much hype surrounding the release of this project, its honest to say, the King Kong didn’t fall shot! Both stars nailed it and here are five reasons why we love Caramel music video by Stanley featuring the OBO, Davido.

1. Celebrates beautiful and  hardworking African Women


caramel video

Miss Vimbai

First of all, Stanley’s whole objective was to celebrate women, the African women, in this song and video. It was a smart move, giving that its the women who listen, buy and make him more relevant.  He knows his audience!  Damn it! “Caramel” isn’t just celebrating any kind of woman, it recognizes women who have risen to the top under challenging circumstances. Women who have left from nothing to something like Miss Vimbai! I mean, from us not knowing her at all, to watching her on Big Brother Africa, then Star Gist then now having her own reality TV show and working closely with Supersports. Wow, what a woman!

2. No strippers, club or wild party scenes


 stanley enow caramel Video

Stanley Enow has a good Caramel video

“Caramel” video is all about simplicity! Stanley and Davido went for a simple yet very clean, smooth and easy to understand video. After watching the Justin Campos video more than 5 times, four major things caught our attention:

  • Very subtle and warm feeling on your eyes, no bright lights
  • Video transition between scenes are smooth and very pleasing.
  • Minimal use of flashing light to ensure that people with sensitivity to flashing lights can also sit down, grab a can of___  and enjoy the video… just like any body else.
  • There were no wild champagne popping, half naked and weed smoking characters like most big Pop or Hip Hop videos do today. The women were well clothed. Good job!

3. Davido didn’t over shadow Stanley


stanley enow davido caramel video

Stanley and Davido nailed Caramel video

Maybe in “Adore You” Stanley was almost sounding like Mr. Eazi, to a point we couldn’t even figure out when Eazi began singing, but in “Caramel”, Stanley stood out! Singing beside Davido is no joke but we think Stanley did a great job matching the super star with his new singing skills. We could hear them both.

4. Costuming was to die for


stanley enow david tlale

Top African fashion designer David Tlale designed costumes for Caramel video

Did you notice the costume on set!? It is David Tlale for God’s sake! One of Africa’s most celebrated luxury fashion designers whose work has been showcased at the Cape Town Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week. This guy dressed up our own Stanley and Davido on “Caramel” video! What can possibly top that!? (We mean in Africa. Don’t think too much.)  The shirts were mind-blowing. Please go back and watch Stanley feeling himself in that amazing white and black shirt or Davido in the White and reddish colored shirt. Awesome feeling, isn’t it?

5. Stanley improved on his singing


stanley enow caramel video

Stanley Enow

Stanley is doing the singing people. He’s slowing down on the rap for a lil bit – something most rappers around the world would be scared to do but he’s doing it – on this next album. “I am getting older and I want to try new things,” he told us at the media launch of “Adore You” few months back. As he keeps dropping them songs, we think he’s getting better with the singing too.

Over all, “Caramel” is a great simple video which appreciates and celebrates African women who have risen from nothing to something as well as it gives a good push on Stanley Enow’s singing skills.

Don’t say you haven’t watched that video yet. Worry not! Here it is below. Thank us later!


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  1. sophia

    November 10, 2017 at 10:04 am

    very mature video…..first time watching and i absolutely love it!!!!!

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