Stanley Enow drops a club banga ‘Tu Vas Lire L’Heure’

Stanley Enow is back to his roots with a brand new banga titled, ‘Tu Vas Lire L’heure’.

A message to his haters? You may call it so, but the Cameroonian hip hop giant is just getting back to his ‘Hein Prere’ vibe.

Stanley Enow is putting Cameroonians in an atmosphere free of socio-political hazards like the nearly 5 year old Anglophone Crisis and the Coronavirus pandemic with his heavy trap beat and soul lifting track.

With no importance thrown towards his lyrics, the hip hop star is making fans nod their heads, jump to their feet and tap dance at home, in cars, at gyms and clubs while reviving the Cameroonian hip hop sound with this club banga.

‘Tu Vas Lire L’heure’ is high spirited, uplifting and danceable. The song is produced by the very skillful Dijay Karl and the video directed by impeccable Adah Akenji.

With two studio albums and several high profile collaborations below his belt, one would wonder if the rapper still had any hip hop hit left in his vault but he just proved us wrong.

‘Tu Vas Lire L’heure’ has many people talking and appreciating on social media.

Stanley was recently made on of the faces of Orange Cameroon SA’s latest campaign, #SaveYaMoni and is still the current brand ambassador for Samsung Cameroun.

With this song, we are only getting to read his time —- table very well and what we see is that this could easily be one of the Songs of the Year!

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