Stanley Enow gives Jovi the silent treatment after recent Twitter rant

stanley enow

Stanley Enow is so busy he doesn’t have time for rival, Jovi and his usual Twitter battles.

The Motherland Empire star has remained silent over Jovi‘s recent Twitter rant where the New Bell Music rapper says, “I am bigger than Stanley.”

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stanley enow tidal roc nation visit

Stanley Enow visits Jay Z’s Roc Nation office in New York

It’s not the first time Stanley Enow has chosen to go with the famous phrase, “the best answer to a fool is to sit quiet” when it comes to Jovi’s public insults. An inside source tells us, he will continue to do so because he’s way too busy doing more important things.

“Stanley has a lot on his plate. He’s got a new album coming out and lots of traveling and meetings on his schedule to be worried over someone’s attention-seeking tweets,” The source tells us exclusively.

“Stanley is growing up and choosing his battles wisely… he can’t be fighting the same battles over and over when there are more threatening battles fields. So, at this point, he finds public attacks as irrelevant and less helpful to his growth as a person and as an artist,” adds the source.

Jovi went on another Twitter rant September 24, reminding every one about his current status as “Mboko god” and just how powerful he is. He made mention of the fact that he runs a record label – New Bell Music – which doesn’t just create good music but also good artists.

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jovi number one

Jovi says he’s number one forever

When it came to comparisons, he says he has no rival. In fact, whoever is coming next to him is probably only 10 years old now. “The person who will pass me probably still 10 years old right now trop d’avance . The rest you will need to cut sleep and u might die,” he tweeted.

When a fan hinted that his arch rival Stanley [Enow] gets enough sleep and is currently on tour while he [Jovi] sits  at home and does nothing,  the “Ou Meme” rapper fired back!

“I am bigger than Stanley and I make more money than him without leaving my house . That’s what you need to retain… My Album was best seller for week bro and my weed is very expensive Bro relax wet p started that shit I just finish it,” Jovi tweeted.

Well, Jovi also called Stanley Enow an “international traveler” and perhaps not playing the role of an ‘International artist” yet. When a fan brought up the interview that the “Hein Pere” hit maker had with Pulse Nigeria back in 2015 where he set the record straight saying him and Jovi were not friends … the #mbokogod liked and retweeted.

Stanley, once again is saying nothing! But Dcoders, do you think Jovi and Stanley Enow are friends outside social media?


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