Stanley Enow, Jovi, Martin Enow in nasty Twitter brawl

Stanley Enow vs Jovi

Cameroonian celebrities, Stanley Enow, Jovi Le Monstre and Martin Enow are at war and things might get pretty ugly in real time.

Well, 2018 is yet to come to an end but some of our celebs are clearly trying to drag us back into outdated beefs and unnecessary Twitter rants. Stanley Enow, Jovi and Martin Enow could be closing this year with another one of their social media buhahas!

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Stanley Enow vs Jovi Le Monstre

It’s no news that Cameroonian rappers Jovi and Stanley Enow have been beefing for the last 4-5 years and it all started when the latter won the 2014 MAMAs for ‘Best New Comer’ with his hit song, ‘Hein Pere’. Ever since, it’s been from one Twitter rant to the next with Jovi accusing Enow of being a “wack rapper”, “fake hip hop artist” etc.

Well, Stanley’s brother and then manager, Martin Enow felt the need to always come to his brother defense against Jovi (since Stanley constantly gace the ‘Don 4 Kwat’ crooner the silent treatment). The war of words between Martin and Jovi always gets nastier as the tweets go by.

Fast forward to December 27 2018, Martin Enow again jumps in for his brother [Stanley Enow] after Jovi tweeted, “Booba is a real one. He and 50Cent act like they ma uncles. For real.” The next day, Stanley replied, “Mieux on fais comme #kaarisofficiel1 et #booba / Avec les mains ca pourra aller.”

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Well, Jovi returned with another tweet slamming Stanley’s second studio album, ‘Soldier Like My Papa’ of not selling upto 20 copies but talked about his forthcoming 4th album.

Some fans slammed Jovi for the tweet for brepetitiveitive and hateful while others thought he has the right to insult his femusicianisian on social media.

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Martin Enow

Martin Enow

When Martin Enow jumped into the Twitter war, all hell let loose. Please just follow the tweets below.

DCODERS, when do you think this beef between Jovi and Stanley Enow and Martin Enow will end? 2019, 2020 or it will last forever? Send us your thoughts below.

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