Stanley Enow, Tzy Panchak tell Corporate Cameroon “Enough is Enough”


“Enough is enough” is the new slogan used by artists like Stanley Enow and Tzy Panchak to corporate Cameroon.

Both music stars are putting their feet down and demanding respect and encouragement from corporate Cameroon to entertainers.

Just like Stanley Enow, singer Tzy Panchak took to social media on July 21 to express his frustrations on the way Cameroonian companies sub entertainers. His major concern was derived from the fact that we [entertainers included] consume the products of these companies who do little or nothing to support the entertainment industry. Here’s what he said:

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Stanley Enow slams corporate Cameroon


Despite both stars coming out to slam Cameroonian companies for not giving back enough to their consumers, like their Nigerian counterparts, not every Cameroonian bought into their rant.

Here are some reactions below:






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