Stephanie Tum rubbishes #cmr4peace campaign as solution to ongoing Anglophone Crisis

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Stephanie Tum is known for her famous social media rants but it seems her new found concern could be for a good course.

The popular Cameroonian actress is going off on social media once again but this time, it’s to call for an immediate stop to hypocrisy when it comes to matters on the three-year old #AnglophoneCrisis destroying lives and properties in both the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.

Stephanie Tum took to her Facebook on May 20 calling out a media platform for ignorantly calling for peace and unity in Cameroon when they clearly do not seem to understand the gravity of the crisis going on in both English regions.

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This year’s theme for the 20th May National Day celebration  was, “Unity in diversity, A major asset of the Cameroonian people…” It focuses on unity in diversity when peace is severely threatened.

To show their support for the theme, media group Les Lougars 237 went on a campaign called, ‘#CMR4Peace,‘  to get some Cameroonian celebrities and personalities to preach peace, unity and diversity through pictures and placards.

According to the group, “They have decided to give a promising future to our dear and beautiful country Cameroon, reacting in a positive and peaceful way to the socio-political crisis that still shakes us. Because they believe in a united and prosperous Cameroon, without tribal or linguistic distinction, they have made the choice to be a volunteer of peace for the #cmr4peace project.”

Stephanie feels this campaign is no good. The actress and film producer clamped down on the campaign, rubbishing the concept of holding cards with just words to end a crisis while citing the ruthless killing of a four year old child by a soldier in Muyuka on the same National Day which was to celebrate peace and unity. This how she reacted on her facebook wall, May 20.



Stephanie Tum reacts to #cmr4peace campaign

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