Stephanie Tum tells local fashion designers “You need us more than we need you”

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Stephanie Tum officially wears the crown as one of the best dressed celebrities at the 2018 Cameroon International Film Festival (CAMIFF) and that’s because girl slayed in local designs. But why is the sexy actress now slamming the same designers in her most recent social media post?

As of Wednesday morning, Stephanie Tum wasn’t a happy actress. The famous celeb joined other top actors to call out GreenHouse Ventures founder, Roland Fomundam for ‘ignorantly’ mocking and insulting Cameroonian film makers. This is thanks to his previous Facebook post which insinuated that the Cameroon Film Industry is more interested in movie premieres that opening its closed head office in Buea.

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Stephanie Tum 

Stephanie didn’t end there. The actress is now slamming come local fashion designers who joined the agriculture guru in bashing the film industry. In a Facebook post on May 9, the ‘Little Cindy’ actress she will not endorse any local designer who thinks he/she can opening make a mockery of the film industry and privately beg for her to wear his/her dress for public functions.

The actress also made sure to end her long write up by sending out a sound warning to these ‘designers’ saying if you can’t promote those who patronize you then forget about us wearing local designs.

DCODERS, please read what Stephanie had to write below and tell us if she’s right to go on a full blown blast on local designers or not?

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