Stephanie Tum’s electric blue lipstick becomes CAMIFF 2017 fashion highlight

stephanie tum camiff

Can we please just sit down and talk about how when Stephanie Tum wears blue lipstick she looks like a dress? However if I tried that I would look like a lab experiment.

The actress showed up at the star-studded CAMIFF/CIROC All-white party in Buea donning an electric blue lipstick which practically stole the night.

Stephanie Tum  CAMIFF

Stephanie Tum at CAMIFF Ciroc All White Party

“I wanted something different because initially I was gonna put on all white. So I came up with that idea,”Stephanie told us.

RMB ibow Makeup was responsible for the actress’ look and as for what lipstick she would love to try next, Stephanie revealed to us that “nude” could be her next adventure.

stephanie tum camiff 2017 ciroc all white party

Stephanie Tum at camiff 2017 ciroc all white party

“More nude… That is something I haven’t tried yet,” she said.

Well, Steph, we know you will look gorgeous in nude too!

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