Steve Christian Fonkam rocks CFA 5.5 Million watch to Canal D’Or Awards 2019

canal dor awards 2019

Steve Christian Fonkam was dripping in money as he wore a 5.5 million CFA wrist watch to the Canal D’Or Awards red carpet on Saturday, March 9 at the Palais Des Congres, Yaounde.

The popular media personality ensured that all eyes were on him as he rocked a Versace wrist watch worth 5.5 million Francs CFA to the red carpet as one of the co-hosts of the event… courtesy of STELLA Boutique in Yaounde.

canal dor awards

Steve Christian’s 5.5 million cfa frs Versace wrist watch

Clearly, Steve came to slay as he managed to keep the watch visible to the cameras throughout the night.

“Steve is a very handsome man who can wear anything and look great in them. The way he looks in one of our luxurious suits is perfect. He has a body for clothes and it was only fair that our navy blue print suit goes with a wrist watch worth the look. We chose a versace wrist watch because we believe he can carry it well,” Stella explains to us.

canal dor awards

Steve Christian Fonkam showing off his 7.5 million francs look at the Canal D’or Awards 2019

Steve Fonkam is the first Cameroonian celebrity to wear that watch on the red carpet by Stella and he told us he felt really cool about it.

“With that kind of watch on my hand, I suspected everybody,” Steve said jokingly. “Honestly,, the Versace pure gold watch gave me some degree of extra self confidence. You know looking good feels good and it’s good business too,” he added.

The Versace watch wasn’t the only expensive fashion item on Steve Saturday night. The talented radio and TV host also rocked a 400,000 frs shoes, 700,000 frs navy blue suit, 50,000 frs bow tie and pocket and a red ring worth 50,000 frs (total of 1, 200,000 frs).

“I felt truly unique in that STELLA Outfit. We are all unique and God made us that way. That’s how I can describe Stella Boutique.” explain Steve

canal dor awards 2019

CanalD’or Awards 2019 hosts (Vicky Fokala, Joan Ngomba, Steve Fonkam, Joyce Fotso)

Steve also had a second look for the  night, a gift from the popular luxury men’s fashion brand, Connaissance de Paris. The media man wore a sexy black velvet tuxedo, black bowtie, crisp white shirt and black shoes worth  550, 818 frs from the store.

This means Steve Fonkam Christian‘s Canal D’Or Awards 2019 fashion looks cost a total of 7,250,818 frs, making him the most expensive looking red carpet host for the night.

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