Steven’s Music: Cameroon’s leading record label celebrates 5 years

stevens music

One of Cameroon’s leading music record labels, Steven’s Music is celebrating its five year anniversary in business.

Steven’s Music Entertainment was founded on September 27, 2013 with a mission to bring the African experience to the world through music. Speaking of music, the label says they bring more soul, more meaning, more rhythm, less noise and less chaos to the table.

“At Steven’s, we have stayed true to who we are, proud of our background/ upbringing and we’ve let that show in all aspects of our business. Our Music is rooted firmly into our culture. We have not shied away from incorporating cultural sounds into most of our releases and have encouraged our artists to use their dialects as they tell stories that make fans reminisce about their past and fantasize about their future.  We are thrilled with the strides we have made and even more excited about the future”, a rep states in a press release, Sept. 27.

stevens music

Daphne and Gasha

The label is responsible for the rise and success of Cameroon’s biggest female artist, Daphne who was signed after the label dropped then successful singer, Gasha. Despite struggling to find her sound at the beginning, Daphne seems to be making the label very proud.

Daphne has led the charge in defining our sound and in so doing, has garnered the respect of music lovers across the world. She has collected numerous awards in recognition of her contribution to music. She is currently on the first leg of her “African invasion Tour”. We are excited to count Daphne as one of ours,” says the records’ rep.

Steven’s is also responsible for bringing talented music acts like the incredible rapper Boy Tag, young star M-Pro and singer Shura to the limelight and they say they are ready to work towards making them reach their full potentials.

boy tag

Boy Tag

Within five years, the famous music record label has been able to bag major music awards, grow a team of devoted operation officers, led by the award winner Pearl Louma and has also been slapped with major criticisms with the most being them buying YouTube views for their videos. The label has however, debunked those rumors and saying their music is good and authentic and is exactly what the people want to hear.

“We have stayed true to making music that is meaningful and reflective of our realities. Through our numerous music videos, we have proudly shown the world the beauty of our homeland. True to our promise, we have infused into our music, unique elements of our traditional sounds and collaborated with some of the best musicians of our music industry to create sounds that have succeeded in bridging the gap between the young and old. Our Music is rooted firmly into our culture. ” says the label’s rep.


Steven’s Music clocks five and as they celebrate their long years of trials and triumphs, the owners  give a large amount of gratitude to their fans .

“Our fans are simply the best. We would not be here 5 years later without their continuous support. Their feedback has been invaluable to how we have shaped our music. However, it is their undying support with every release that we put out that has forced people around the world to embrace Steven’s and ensure we add one fan at a time with each release. We are forever grateful to our fans… We promise you many more years … of MUSIC RELOADED.”

Happy Birthday Steven’s Music!


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