Stevens Music Entertainment responds to Daphne’s song rip off scandal


Steven’s Music Entertainment is responding to the recent rip-off scandal surrounding Daphne’s newly released song and video, ‘Doucement’.

According to the famous music record label, Daphne did not rip off anyone of their work instead, she’s been accused of something she didn’t do.

According, Valery Tinzim Ndikum, spokesperson of Steven’s Music, Daphne’s ‘Doucement’ song was written and produced back in March 2017 and all accusations about her stealing a song is untrue.

“We find the accusations laughable and will not hesitate to take the necessary actions to protect the integrity of both of Daphne and Steven Music Entertainment,” he tells us.

On July 16, a young singer named Fonkem Tracy accused Daphne of ripping off one of her songs she sent the star for a collaboration. In a now public Whatsapp chat, the singer claims Daphne rejected all three of her songs for a possible collaboration claiming the songs were not “good enough”.

However, a day before Daphne dropped her new work, ‘Doucement’, Tracy claims the song is similar to one of the songs she had earlier sent to Daphne over three months ago. There’s still no claim if both songs sound the same or the lyrics are similar.

According to Salatiel, producer of Daphne’s song, the song was written by music giant Mr Leo and he produced it two years ago – the same time as Daphne’s hit song ‘Calee’.

We have now just obtained the lyrics to Daphne’s own song dating back to March 2017.

Take a look at it below.


SME responds to Daphne’s new rip off scandal


Now the question is: How can a song written in 2017 be the same song sent to Daphne in 2019?


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