Syndy Emade fails to impress at the Cameroon Fashion Awards

cameroon fashion awards

With Cameroon Fashion Awards under way, all eyes are usually focused on the outfits sported by celebrities and/or the stylists who dressed them. With high hopes set on Syndy Emade to stun paparazzi on the red carpet her looks left us disappointed to say the least.

Syndy Emade is famously known for slaying on any red carpet. She’s a constant red carpet delight to most TV hosts, social media users, fashion critics and her fans but sadly, her dress at the first ever Cameroon Fashion Awards on February 9 in Douala fell flat in the eyes of many.

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cameroon fashion awards

Syndy Emade at the CFA2017

Leave it to the former model turn actress and movie producer to carry herself with class and grace in anything she wears and to anywhere but as much as she tired Friday night, her look still didn’t make the cut.

Fashion analysts and fans have continuously slammed the actress on social media for wearing a dress, which to them, wasn’t the perfect choice for the movie powerhouse.

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syndy emade

Actresses: Syndy Emade, Nsang Dilong and Soli Egbe at the CFA2017

Emade, who took home the Best Dressed Actress at the #cfaawards2017, stepped onto the red carpet in a pink one shoulder ruffle cape dress with African print embellishments by OZI International. The actress then her hair under a giant green head wrap.

“The whole look for me, was too busy for my liking,’ one fan wrote on Facebook. “This is the worse I have seen on Syndy. She’s is usually that one person I look forward to see her outfit on the red carpet and this time, it didn’t look great. But she is always my favourite fine girl’ another added.

“So disappointing,” was all one fan could write and another added, “I couldn’t believe she was the same Syndy. Everything wasn’t right about this look. Everything was happening.” While another said, “Syndy’s dress is more of punishment than class.. Anyi Asonganyi why did you have to punish that lady like that??” another fan commented.

One social media user even compared Syndy to pop star, Dencia. “Why is this Emade always trying to pull a Dencia. She looks ridiculous in this outfit. Leave all of this to Dencia. She is the only one who makes dressing weird look sexy.”

Well, for what it’s worth, Syndy Emade still remains one of Cameroon’s red carpet favourites and we love her style. #Dcoders, your thoughts below, please


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