Syndy Emade, Laura Dave and more stars with inappropriate cleavage shots

cameroonian celebrity cleavage shots

To celebrate the sheer amount of boob-on-show by our Cameroonian famous women, we’ve got together a gallery of 5 of the most out there celebrity cleavage shots – well, feel free you can thank us later.

Side boob, under boob, face-on-boob – we’ve got every type of revealing boob here with our inappropriate celebrity cleavage countdown.

We really don’t mind flaunting some cleavage (we do it all the time), but we also think there’s a time and place to get more than the absolutely necessary amount of boob out. You know, when you’re on the beach, in the bath…yea, yea…

But the following famous 5 females are showing off slightly more skin than our eyes can handle when we’re trying to take our morning devotion and even when we’re sipping our morning tea.

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laura dave inappropriate cleavage

Laura Dave in inappropriate celebrity cleavage showdown

If we still haven’t quite managed to convince you that too much cleavage can actually be a bad thing, take a long hard look at this Laura Dave’s picture where she was just sitting and enjoying the runway show at the Niki Heat Model and Management Launch in Douala. Did the dress maker not get her right chest/boob measurement or is she choosing to make life too stressful for you? lol


syndy emade inappropriate cleavage

Syndy Emade in inappropriate celebrity cleavage showdown

Syndy Emade has no problem flaunting a little too much and going by the look of this picture, we are right! The actress seems less concerned about her boob exposure here but we know she knows what she’s doing… getting all of us wild up and messing up our day. We see you Syndy!

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brenda dery goes nude

Brenda Dery goes nude

Brenda Dery sure knows how to get any man’s attention. I mean, look at this picture. No, don’t stop looking! Do you have any idea what this picture is saying to us all? A pretty curvy famous and athletic girl squeezing her huge watermelons in a picture? God damn it! Brenda this is not fair! Stop it, we love it!


briana lesley inappropriate cleavage

Briana Lesley flaunting inappropriate cleavage in sexy selfie

This not-so-conservative selfie of model and singer, Briana Lesley needs to get her into jail. But why Bri? Why punish our men so much? We love the fact that you are putting on this very beautiful pure white tee but what are those things popping out like that? And then, look at the way that contrast black neck piece is sleeping right between those juicy melons… Oh no!


anyi asonganyi inappropriate cleavage

Anyi Asonganyi flaunting inappropriate cleavage in sexy selfie

Anyi Asonganyi is well known for having a gorgeous décolletage, and this sexy fishnet or sheer top leaves nothing to the imagination. Many parents who see this online would be scandalized by how much the top makeup artist/ fashion designer is revealing here. Hey! who’s got a whip!? Oh no mama, not the mulongo! We are asking  Christian Grey!

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