Tenor, Blanche Bailly, Stanley Enow celebrate Women’s Day with new campaign against violence on girl child

Some Cameroonian celebrities are lending their voices in a campaign to stamp out any form of violence on women and the girl child as the nation joins other women worldwide to mark the celebration of the International Day of the Woman.

Stanley Enow, Tenor, Blanche Bailly, Salatiel, Locko, Daphne, Charlotte Dipanda and Nabil4real are some of the celebrities teaming up with Minou Chyrs-Tayl, founder of the Stop Violence Against Women organization, to insist on women getting the chance to a peaceful and secured life even amidst men.

On average, more than one woman per week is killed in Cameroon as a result of violence or rape. But despite living with this constant threat of brutality, these home-based urban artists are hoping to use their music, social media and voices to try to change the norm.

The Stop Violence Against Women campaign is a project which stands for the right of women and girls to live without being violated by anyone in any form.

The ‘Say No’ campaign is in sync with this year’s theme for the Women’s Day celebrations,  “Time is Now: Rural and Urban activists transforming Women’s Lives”.  Meaning the time to act right by women is now, not tomorrow!

DCODERS, do you think this campaign will have any impact in our communities? Send your thoughts below.

Photo credit: Alain Ngann


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