The Saving Mbango Premiere Might Have Been the Best Red Carpet of the Year


What happens when you bring together the most famous, talented and stylish actors in Cameroon together for one solid project? You create one of the most highly anticipated films of the year as well as unveil some of the hottest red carpet looks of all time.

The cast of  ‘Saving Mbango’ – Laura Onyama, Malvis Ann Mohvu, Stephanie Tum, Stephanie Yimga, Solange Ojong, Tande Delphine and Ajibi Liviana – arrived at the movie’s Douala premiere on Saturday, October 26 looking their weekend best! Let’s say, the girls didn’t come to play, they came to slay!

For some, it was their first major red carpet appearance and to others, well, they’re known for their unique sense of style. But high fashion is now registered to be in their DNA after Saturday night’s red carpet spectacle at the beautiful Canal Olympia, Bessengue – Douala.

Although the film’s plot has nothing to do with fashion and style, for the premiere, the actresses dressed up in their finest “Cameroonian Traditional Spectacle” to celebrate a movie well directed by the award winner, Nkanya Nkwai and produced by Stephanie Tum and  her co-executive producer, Julia Gham.

From Laura Onyama’s green velvet wakanda-inspired Margo’s Mode design to Malvis Ann’s Juliet Sparks’ all white princess ensemble, see what the Saving Mbango cast wore to slay the red-carpet premiere.


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