The Script Workshop: Nkanya Nkwai’s initiative to address Cameroon film problems

nkanya nkwai

Nkanya Nkwai’s emerging training program – The Script Workshop – is intended to give local aspiring directors and screenplay writers a chance to improve on their skills in an eight-day intensive training program in Buea.

There’s no question that a great script is the foundation on which any film project lies. Without it you won’t get the commission, the best cast and the required result. Film and television are both collective mediums, so how should a director and a writer collaborate to achieve the best result?

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Cameroonian award winning actor and film director, Nkanya Nkwai is bringing together an incredible team of filmmakers to take participants of his upcoming Script Workshop on an exciting and apprehensive journey from “Script to Screen”. According to him, the cinema culture in Cameroon can solely depend on how great the script writers are.

In the wake of massive criticisms from fans on the poor quality of film production in Cameroon and massive fan love for Hollywood, Nollywood films rather than Cameroonian films , Nkanya, alongside his team of film experts including Anrin Nwunembom, Linda Namondo, Francoise Ellong, Itamb Delphine and Tebo Njei want to make an effort to develop skilled writers in the Cameroonian film industry who can raise hope on the building of a solid cinema culture among Cameroonians.

“My vision and reason for putting together the script workshop is to raise the level of script writing in Cameroon cinema. Getting a good script isn’t the only thing. You need to upgrade and get continuous tutorials on how to improve or maintain your skills as a script writer,” Nkanya explains.

“We [filmmakers] have had years of testing our ideas on what film making is. We can say that we have now come to a place of understanding of what cinema is and what it’s not. In Cameroon, not many writers and filmmakers understand what film making really entails at the level of script writing. So, I decided to put together a structure, with friends and experts in filmmaking, whom together, we can help educate both participants and ourselves on what cinema is all about.

“But most of all, we want to start creating that culture of cinema where we can teach and hand on knowledge to the younger generation on the importance and value of script writing in cinema” Nkwai explains further.

The Script Workshop is scheduled to hold from August 20 -29 in Buea. Registration is 25,000 FCFA.

For more information, please contact: +237 672 52 66 23 or Email:

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