10 Things Ladies Hate During SEX

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A few weeks ago I wrote on the 10 Things Guys Hate During Sex and my female friends and readers have insisted I also write about what they hate during sex. So here we go.

Good sex is not always hard sex and apparently guys have a thing or two to learn before trying to over prove themselves in bed. I’ve come to realize that some guys expect too much and others do too much, all in the name of getting sexually satisfied but fail to know the basis rules of sex.

So here are the 10 things girls hate during sex.

1. Bedroom Talkative

Talking is not bad but too much talk during sex is irritating and honestly, it slows down the energy and concentration for the ladies. “I hate when a man talks, screams or moans too loud during sex,” a friend told me. Another added, “We are in the house banging and you are screaming my name out loud. Who wants to do the walk of shame in the morning?”

2. Wild Biters

Little bites are allowed during sex but when a woman starts denying your mouth on her nipples, know you’ve been chewing on her flesh for a long time. The last thing a woman needs while banging is pains or any sign of discomfort. You can’t afford to become a stray wild animal in bed. “When a man doesn’t lick or sucks, he bites your clitoris and nipples and that shit is painful,” says a friend. “I could get really upset and end the entire thing.”

3. Dirty Boys

I understand most guys give the excuse of avoiding blow jobs because they think most ladies ain’t clean enough but do they also know that balls stink? Keeping your D in a tight jean from morning to get a blow job in the night when you just get home is absurd. Your balls smell too, my friend! Also, guys who use fingers carrying long and dirty nails to finger girls are just foolish. Who does that!? “Once i see those nails, i die,” one reader tells me.

4. Blow Jobs During Sex

“Once you put your dick in a woman’s VeeJay, never bring it out and ask her to give you a blow job. Are you mad,” my friend explained to me and I agree. Is the motive for her to taste herself? I mean, I don’t get it. Why not enjoy thorough foreplay then end it with your d**k inside her?

5. Porn Film Imitators

These are for the guys who want to do everything they see in porn movies. They start turning girls around like dolls and careless if she’s feeling it or not. “Don’t start turning her around the bed like a pot of porridge. Be sexy about it. Don’t try to replay the porn scenes you see,” says a friend. “Some frail looking guys will even try to lift girls bigger than them and then can’t even lift her thigh. That stops the flow and kills the vibe,” another added.

6. Hard Penetration

Girls hate the deepest thrusts. Because it causes so much pain! When you are hitting from the back and she keeps hitting and pushing her leg, oga, don’t go too deep. She’s not loving it. “Do you want to shift my womb?” asked my friend. Lol. This draws me to another point. Girls hate forceful thrusts when they are not wet enough. I guess I don’t need to tell you, it could tear them up.

7. The One Minute Man

Ladies hate those guys who go about claiming they can last hours meanwhile when it comes to the real deal, they can only survive one round (which could be after 2-3 minutes). Finishing and breathing like a grave digger after only a minute is just weakling . I’m not encouraging Viagra consumption though but at least try to last longer. You can do foreplay enough to make her cum multiple times before inserting the d**k.

8. Sliding into the Anus

Some guys are so foolish enough to try to insert their dicks into your anus without letting the girls know. Who told them that most ladies love to go anal? And when she refuses, he makes her know she’s rural. Boy! be respectful and ask for her consent. Beside have a lubricant stand by should she accept.

9. Bad Kissers

Most ladies love a good kisser. Kissing and fondling turns them on. So if you are one of those guys who do not kiss women or fondle them but goes straight to dip your dirty fingers into her p***y, grow up boy! Ladies also hate guys who would cover their mouth with theirs meanwhile they can’t even move their tongue rightly or prevent their teeth from clashing with yours through out the kissing attempt. Its just disgusting.

10. Cumming in the Mouth

Really!? At least tell her. Don’t just cum into her mouth when she’s trying to give you a blow job. That’s rude. Also if you know you don’t need a kid with a girl please practice and master the pull-out game. Don’t defecate your sperm in her and be the first to get angry when she tells you she’s pregnant or force her to get an abortion when you could’ve prevented it. Girls hate guys who careless where their sperms end up. That’s a sign of irresponsibility.


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