Things men say about sex: 50 hilarious confessions

‘MEN and SEX’ is one hell of a juicy topic all the women love to talk about at tea time. Nothing wrong with that right!? Well, do women also imagine what men really think and say about sex… and with whom they’ve had it with? Ok, let’s get to this.

1.) How would you describe sex?

Niba: “Sex is a beautiful thing created by God himself”

Junior: “For me, it’s the best and only thing which brings together a man and a woman for real.”

Emmanuel: “Sex is a distraction… a beautiful distraction. Lol.”

Diabe: “An obsession by all species”

Amadu: “Sex is good for me, you and everybody. What else can I say?”

 2.) What’s your best sex experience?

Niba: “I slept with my hot teacher in form four. She came after me and I didn’t… couldn’t say no. She was too sexy to deny her pleasure and no woman had ever wanted me so badly. That was too great to forget.”

Junior: “My best sex experience was with my girlfriend, the first day we slept in my new apartment during my university days. I had only a mattress on the floor but we did everything in an almost empty and non-fashionable room. It was my best because I can never forget it.”

Emmanuel: “At the beach in Limbe. I had some money, called up one girl I had been chasing for months. We got a beach house for two nights and sex took over. Great experience because we were so free, no one knew us both and we were ready to explore so many options in bed or bedroom.”

Diabe: “Hahaha… with my sister’s best friend in the garage at my father’s house. The fun part is everyone was at home and we just sneaked out and had a quickie-doggy! OMG! I was so scared but determined to get laid.”

Amadu: “I have no best sex experience… each one I have had has been superb. I try to top the last, you understand?”

3.) Do you judge a woman who loves sex a little too much?

Niba: “I love her instead.”

Junior: “Why should I judge? She’s living her life. I guess I should live mine.”

Emmanuel: “Can she come be my woman please? I love her already.”

Diabe: “If she’s not sleeping with every guy she meets, then I won’t judge. But a woman is supposed to be sacred and extremely sexual with the ONE guy she’s sleeping with. No multiple partners and no commitment.”

Amadu: “Is this a joke? I want to marry a woman who loves sex a little too much.”

4.) Can you list out all the women you’ve had sex with?

Niba: “No”

Junior: “It’s a no from me”

Emmanuel: “I don’t kiss and tell”

Diabe: “Maybe 50-60. Don’t know. Lol”

Amadu: “It’s irrelevant. Who’s counting?”

5.) How often do you have sex in a week?

Niba: “Every day if I can but three times is good…”

Junior: “Four times”

Emmanuel: “I can’t count. It depends on my week”

Diabe: “As much as I want.”

Amadu: “Many times a week. How about twice a day!? Lol”

6.) If you could have sex with a celebrity in Cameroon, who would it be?

Niba: “Grace Decca. She’s too hot for her age and I love big girls.”

Junior: “Mina Eyango. Damn! Have you seen how sexy that chic(k) is? Mina, every day, any day!”

Emmanuel: “Syndy Emade is my dream girl. Fair sin, sexy, rich and famous. What else can I ask for?”

Diabe: “Brenda Biya! She’s the president’s daughter! That alone turns me on. Lol”

Amadu: “Valerie Ayena… She is a Miss Cameroon for Allah’s sake!”

7.) Mouth or body odor: Which is worse during sex?

Niba: “Both”

Junior: “Both”

Emmanuel: “Jesus! All of them”

Diabe: “When you’re drunk, you would care?”

Amadu: “Both”

8.) If you had to choose one: f**k or make love?

Niba: “Making love to the woman I love. Awesome feeling, I swear.”

Junior: “F**k is always my type of thing. It’s always great. Try it!”

Emmanuel: “Both, depending on who is involved.”

Diabe: “Making love is sometimes really boring. Lol. So I would go with f**k!”

Amadu: “I don’t care. Anyone is fine.”

9.) What’s your favorite sex position?

Niba: “Doggy, for sure. Its deeper, faster and I am in control.”

Junior: “When she’s on top of me. I love when my women is controlling the action. She has to be satisfied.”

Emmanuel: “Spooning is really, really, really good. I get to see her face, hold a breast, hit from behind and watch how her a** slaps my thighs. Lol.”

Diabe: “Doggy is great. It’s so deep and because I am an ass guy, that booty better drop!”

Amadu: “I don’t know how it’s called but when she’s on top of me but she’s backing me (it’s called reverse cowgirl) and we’re having sex in front of a giant mirror. That’s ballistic!

10.) What’s been your worst sex experience?

Niba: “When I couldn’t get her to orgasm. I did everything but she just couldn’t. I had to give up and satisfy myself first which is not something I do. I felt so bad.”

Junior: “She was so drunk, she puked on me during sex. It turned me off.”

Emmanuel: “With a very pretty girl I had a huge crush on. When we finally had the chance to have sex, it turned out she was a virgin. She knew nothing and I couldn’t continue. Virgins are not for me.”

Diabe: “We were having sex and her father walked in on us. I was hitting her from behind and didn’t even hear when her father opened the door behind me. I only felt the angry slap on my wet back!”

Amadu: “In a cheap motel room full with mosquitoes and cockroaches. It may sound silly but I couldn’t even get an erection when the entire place was so dirty and smelly. I couldn’t afford a decent room. But when I had the chance, I called her to finish what we started and it was great.”


Niba is a Personal Assistant working in Limbe

Junior is a model based in Douala

Emmanuel is an engineer based in Kumba

Diabe is a Public Relations Officer in Yaounde

Amadu is into oil business and based in Limbe

Writing and producing content is my life! I mean...10 years of working experience can do that, right!? Follow me @joanngomba

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