Tilla spills shocking details on Jovi and New Bell Music

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Tilla has revealed startling details about her relationship with her former boss, Jovi and her experience with the New Bell Music record label, leaving everyone shocked and confused.

In a recent Live video on Facebook, the former New Bell Music signee explained her ordeal with Jovi and his label but also unveiled the real reason behind her feud with rival Askia (she suspects Askia planned a robbery attack on her) and why Kiloh, a signed producer on the label’s funeral was void of Jovi and Pascal.

Tilla revealed that Jovi ruined two career changing opportunities in her life: she regrets cancelling her US trip after winning a US DV Lottery because Jovi convinced her they could make it big in Cameroon. She added that she ditched a record deal with Pit Baccardi‘s Empire Company just because she believed in New Bell Music. A move which clearly ended in tears (and a Facebook rant!)

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The rapper didn’t end there. She also said the highest amount of money she ever received from Jovi is 25.000 XCFA which included her transport fare from Bamenda to Yaounde, a promised smartphone (which she never got) because it was on the condition that her EP “Kankwe Chap” gets 5000 downloads. The EP got 3500 downloads in one weeks, and later surpassed but she was never given the said phone.

The mother of one brought up the death of one of New Bell Music producers, Kiloh, who passed in September 2020 from an alleged food poisoning. Tilla expressed her disappointment in Pascal and Jovi whom she said acted indifferent towards the loss and did not show up for the funeral. Kiloh produced one of Pascal’s biggest collaborations, “Check Sense”.

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Tilla said she also felt embarrassed when another signed artist on New Bell Music, Tata arrived at Kiloh’s funeral in an old New Bell Music hoodie, probably the one she used to wear while she was still signed to the label. According to her, Tata is not comfortable at the label but prefers to remain a slave to Jovi.

She was even more disappointed when rapper, NBO requested for Kiloh’s royalties to be handed to his family as Jovi’s own support after his death but she claims the Mboko god responded that he does not owe NBO anything.

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