Cameroonian US-based singer, Tirajai drops ‘THE DIARY’ EP

Cameroonian US-based singer, Tirajai has released his debut EP, ‘The Diary’, written and composed by the singer.

Tirajai’s new EP dropped July 10 and it may catch some buzz thanks to his choice of songs on it.

‘The Diary’ has 5-tracks and is made up of diverse musical genres including Afro/RnB/Soul and Pop, which dominates the piece.

Tirajai tells a love story in his new work. Tracks 1 and 2 gets darker but things gets brighter from tracks 3 to 5.

The singer writes and composes all songs on his EP except for track 2, ‘Circles,’ which was co-written by rapper Roqzen Finali in 2017.

Producer, Method J Tabiy produced, mixed and mastered tracks 1, 2 and 3 while track for was produced, mixed and mastered by Dijay Karl. Track 5 is produced by Abz (from Realm Squared) and mixed by Dijay Karl.

‘The Diary’ is now available on iTunes and other music streaming sites.

Enjoy the full playlist of THE DIARY EP follow the link BELOW.

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