#DcodedTVList: Top 10 Kumba Artists in 2018

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The Cameroon Music Industry produced some great songs this year in 2018 and artists, established or rising acts, from Kumba Town played a major role in this achievements.

Whether we like it or not, there are some Kumba artists who made headlines in the Cameroon music scene in 2018 and we are counting down the top 10 Kumba artists who made our music world a better place this year.

1. Tzy Panchak

tzy panchak

Tzy Panchak looks dapper in a floral shirt by Eloli world

The Blu Nation singer dropped four videos this year alone including, Mon Bebe, Money Finish Eye Clear and Love Me. He also worked with Cameroon’s most branded artist, Stanley Enow alongside singer, Locko on a hit song, My Way (which now airs on MTV Base and Trace Urban). In 2018, Panchak became the only Cameroonian artist to travel three continents (America, Europe and Asia) for music performances. Hey! He didn’t just receive, El Chako was also spotted giving back to internally displaced persons in Douala as part of his Tzy Panchak Foundation for charity.

2. Blanche Bailly

blanche bailly

Blanche Bailly exposes bigger boobs at birthday bash in Douala

This music queen definitely got us hooked on all kinds of sweetness this year. She released an infectious hit song/video, Bon Bon and had us believe in self-love all over again with her new song, Ndolo. The Afro-Pop singer was also seen sharing a powerful message of keeping your environment clean by donating her time to clean the streets of Douala

3. Ko-C

cameroonian rapper


He needs no introduction! This young Big Dream Entertainment rapper did more than expected this year. From dropping his major projects Caro, Sango and Balance the remix with rapper Tenor, Ko-C went ahead to release his infamous ‘Wo’ cover before joining Numerica, Magasco and Mr Leo on Valide remix. Do you know he was also nominated for AFRIMA 2018 and worked on the controversial We Need Peace project.

4. Mic Monsta

mic monsta

Mic Monsta

He dropped an 14 tracker EP in October 2018, ‘Kwata Diary’ and has been releasing videos off it since. He worked with Dready Christ on Change Ya Style, an infectious track perfect for every season. Back in August, Monsta worked on a theme song, One Pot Soup to condemn the brutal killings of Cameroonians in the SW and NW Regions. Still in August, the rapper teamed up with Strong Bangwa Boy to release Gu Beh Fiuh.

5. Carl Brizzy

cameroon kumba artist

Carl Brizzy

This year has been a blessing to this young singer. His debut video landed on Trace Africa with almost no promotion and till now,  he has been dropping one major project to the next. On February 14, Brizzy made a cover for More and in April, the singer dropped Mon Bebe. In August, he dropped Yele and on November  17, he released a beautiful piece of art, Mignon.

6. Big G. Baba

cameroon kumba artist

Big G Baba

He’s considered the god of music in Kumba and in 2018, he dropped quite a handful of work. Solution Dey came out in September and Mon Way was dropped on March 17. Riding solo on his music wasn’t enough, so Baba hooked up with Limbe-based singer Gordons on a new song Na Eye Di Fear.

7. Skidi Boy

skidi boy

Skidi Boy

He is super talented and through his music, you will know how he thinks or what he feels about the happenings within and around him. In 2018, Skidi Boy released up to three projects. April 22, A No De Me Dey was released. On June 21, the rapper worked with Yung Time on ‘Oh Lo Lo’ and ‘Aveugle’ dropped August 3.

8. Ewube

ewube afrima red carpet look

Ewube goes braless at AFRIMA 2017 Red carpet

Its Ewube and girlfriend made a comeback this year! Despite issues with her former record label, Omega Records, this Cameroonian singer dropped what many fans say it’s the most popular song of her career, On Melange.  That’s not even all, Ewube stood by LesLine, Blaise B and Malgic to Stand For Peace after the rise of the Anglophone Crisis swallowed innocent lives in the NW and SW Regions.

9. Liinx

cameroon kumba artist


On January 31, this once Kumba based artist dropped his most popular song, Levez Vous before blessing his fans with another track, La Vie on September 2. But his name rings a loud bell in Kumba with the amount of work he’s put into the music scene over the years. Liinx once did a song for Kumba which now anthem for those who hail from there.

10. Nkuh Bandy

nkuh bandy

Nkuh Bandy drops Stop The Bloodshed

He was once a secular music singer but since he became a born again Christian, this Kumba artist has devoted his talent to the glory of the Lord. Back in 2016, he dropped a song titled, King and Rules which made him a star among his friends. But this year, Bandy dropped one of the most popular theme songs to condemn the Crisis affecting the Anglophone regions of Cameroon. His song, Bloodshed called for peace, hope and justice for those who have suffered tremendous loss during the crisis.


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