Exclusive: Top 10 side hustles in Cameroon

Let’s just say, we are all here for the ‘schmoney’ and Cameroon isn’t an exception to her youths grabbing those side hustles in order to make that ‘extra’ cash even fasterrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Cameroonians are beginning to wake up to making money from all sorts of side hustles aka not so corporate jobs and we are here to break it down one after another.

Here are our top 10 side hustles in Cameroon at the moment.

1. Video Vixen

Briana Lesley

Briana Lesley

This is no doubt the numero uno side hustle today! Every young girl, whether in school or not, dream of fame, having celebrities as close friends or become some kind of viral sensation on social media and the easiest way to get all that is by making cameos in music videos or comedy skits. It’s now considered an easy way to fame these days. Even Wax Dey had to create a reality TV show, Number One Girl, to find his perfect video vixen.

2. Makeup artist

Corine Lastar

This is a serious field in the fashion and beauty business raking in the coins! Some Cameroonians are digging into this gold mine and are ripping off the big box. 10 years ago, make up was not significant in Cameroon. Even TV hosts knew nothing about foundations, contouring, blush or have something else order than a red lip. Today, thanks to pioneer makeup artists like Sandrah Ekukole, Anyi Asonganyi, Corine Lastar (seen in the pic above) etc, who have taken this field to a whole business level, makeup business is now becoming a major cash-in for most.

3. Photography

Njinkeng Asonganyi

Everyone may have a camera [including a good phone] but not everyone can possibly take ‘that’ picture. Alain Ngann, Njinkeng Asonganyi, William Nsai, Chris Alide and many others have given life to photography to a point where young guys/girls now see this field as a potential cash earner. Beautiful pictures tell the best stories, capture the best smiles and admiration and give hope to dreamers who wish Cameroon will someday look like USA when it comes to infrastructure. It’s definitely not a bad field to be creative, passionate and still make a lot of cash!

4. Instagram Modeling

top 10 side hustles in Cameroon

Cynthia Ngala

Call them slay queens and kings all you want but with an amazing smartphone, a good looking girl/guy might just become the next face for a big brand. Being a social media sensation, thanks to posting the perfect pictures, has opened doors for the young girls/boys next door to become billboard stars. If you can buy it, flaunt it and then own it … and then get rich! It may sound easy but wait until you become a slay queen or king, then you will know how much resources goes into this sector.

5. Catering

side hustkes in Cameroon

Cameroonian chef, Ngassa Nina

Who knew Davido‘s girlfriend, Chioma would become the girl every girl wants to be like today? Her cooking skills got her the best man! Just kidding! But hey! she can cook and so can most Cameroonian girls who are now posting short videos on social media showing off their cooking skills. Do we need to remind you all on the number of girls who are currently venturing into the snail and cooking business today? Many!

6. Motivational/Inspirational Speaker


Budi Norbert of Budi Motivates (see here with twin brother, Herbert)

Have you also noticed that most Cameroonians have become motivational/inspirational speakers on Facebook (in particular)? Dishing out advice, left and right, to those they think need them (usually not themselves). But for some reason, a number of youths now get paid to give talks at workshops or training grounds based on their own experiences in their diverse fields. This has somewhat encouraged the reading and research culture in the country and of course, its not a bad way to bring in the mulla!

7. Dance/Choreography

Kmer Great Dancers

Too many dance groups, yet no viral dance moves in Cameroon. Sad but who cares? Dance is now a thing… a thing enough to charge for it! Well, don’t think its just a min-job. A music artist like Ambe, Ewube, Numerica or music group Rythmz won’t have a great music video without dancers/choreographers. So, they are useful in showbiz and yes, they make some money from it. With time, we hope they us a favour by creating our own dances.

8. Workout Trainers

etins wattara

Etins Wattara

Nobody is forcing anyone to stay in shape or eat right but when you see that regular girl/guy on your street on a social media workout video, looking fit, fab and glowing, you just want to look like them. This is where some young Cameroonians have began making extra cash –  by helping their friends, relatives and celebrities look their best. FYI, it’s not an easy job at all. Passion and strong will usually play a huge role here.

9. Blogging/Freelance Writing

blogging cameroon


This is no doubt one of the most popular side hustles in Cameroon today. Everyone believes dropping a thought on Facebook is the same as writing an article on a blog or web page. But those who are truly into this hustle will know better. However, blogging and freelance writing is enriching too many pockets nowadays. People now write for a living and it’s a beautiful thing. Although, it’s still a new field and everyone is yet to figure out the rules and regulations of this sector, the Cameroonian blogger-sphere is increasing each day and it’s truly making some richer than they ever thought they would be.

What’s your number 10?


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