Top 5 Sexiest Female Artists in Cameroon

Sexiest List

Yana Max Jnr , co host on the popular talk show, Freaky Table has revealed his top five list of the sexiest female artists in Cameroon and fans are all over his choices.

In the latest episode of Freaky Table, the cohosts discussed the Sexiest Man Alive, Michael B. Jordan before naming their top three sexiest men alive in Cameroon.

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Yana told his cohosts – Joan Ngomba and Kwoh Elonge – that he believes female artists are more sexy than their male counterparts because they put more effort into looking good and dressing to impress which makes good television. AS a result, Kwo asked him to name his top 5 sexiest female artists in the country.

“In Cameroon, we have more of the women being more sexy than the men especially in music. You can actually pick out five at the top of your head who are sexy. They take their craft more serious in terms of how they want to look and how they want to appeal to the people … “

Yana Jnr. explained during the show.

According to Yana, pop star Blanche Bailly tops his list, followed by his MILF, Lady Ponce. Singer and performer, Kameni held his third spot because, “she’s more rogue but sexy in her own way”. Daphne came in at number four and last but not the least, was Stevens Music newly signed Ewube.

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cameroon sexiest list
Yana Jnr’s top 5 sexiest female artists (L-R: Blanche Bailly, Lady Ponce, Kameni, Daphne and Ewube)

Some fans found the TV host’s list accurate but others questioned why Ewube and Kameni were on the list.

Do you agree with Yana’s Top 5? Feel free to also name your own top 5 Sexy List below.

Watch Freaky table below:

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