Top 5 Valentine’s Day Celebrity Pictures for 2018

Celebs too to social media to celebrate the World’s Lover Day. While some killed their shoot others… erm… couldn’t!

With Valentine’s Day filters swarming our social media, and the colors; red, white and pink filling the streets, people everywhere, including some of our favorite celebs,  took to social media to profess their sweet love and gratitude to their babies, parents, and soulmates and their fans.

Here are our top 5 Valentine’s Day celebrity pictures for 2018. (From 5 – 1)

5. Laura Oyama and Sama Tanya

Valentine's Day pictures

Onyama Laura and Sama Tanya steam up in new Valentine’s Day pictures

These two blessed us with some of the most memorable pictures on Valentine’s Day. As if them rumored to be secretly dating isn’t enough, actress Laura Onyama and model, Sama Tanya took their chemistry to a whole new level in their latest pics. Both stars teamed up with Studio89  to give us all the couple goals we need need for 2018! Love hasn’t been seen so dark yet exortic!

4. Ruth Nkweti

The actress sits comfortably at the fourth place thanks to the level of transformation in her recently released Valentine’s Day shoot. Ruth looks rebellious in a red jacket, lacey red mini gown as she enjoys her face beat by Corine Lastar. The famous actress, who is currently in Nigeria for acting gigs looks beautiful, confident and ready for the next phase of her career. Great makeup transformation!

3. Miss P

valentines day

Miss P celebrating Valentine’s Day in a milk filled bathtub (Nji Asonganyi Pictures)

Pamela Happi is no stranger to looking gorgeous in photos but seeing her swimming comfortably in a tub filled with a milkish substance in her sexy white two piece lingerie was all we needed to set us off for a splendid Valentine’s Day celebration. The media personality works with celebrity photographer, Njinkeng Asonganyi to bring out her sexiest side ever! Light, camera, lingeries, red lips and smooth juicy skin are a go!

2. Syndy Emade

valentines day

Syndy Emade celebrating Valentine’s Day in a bathtub (Stanley Photoworks)

The actress needs no introduction to being porch and sexy. She got it all but seeing ‘The Man for a Weekend’ actress in Eve’s wear in a sparkling white bathtub was pretty pleasant to the eyes. After all, was she to wear clothes while trying to take a bath? Her smile and seductive manner in which she played with those bubbles almost got us to ask, “Can we join you Miss Syndy“?

1. Nina Mbunwe

nina mbunwe

Nina Mbunwe strips for Valentine’s Day picture

There are pictures and then there’s a picture. This 24-year-old Cameroonian model broke the internet on February 14 when her super naked picture surfaced online. Who saw that coming!? The model was exploiting new shoots, loving herself and was super confident with her curves to not even bother about clothes. With just a tiny black thong, red lights and pointed nipples, Nina Mbunwe made us wish Valentine’s Day was everyday… or at her house!

Well done to these celebrities who made us enjoy the 2018 Valentine’s Day via images. But what do you think DCODERS, which picture made your own day?

Tell us below.


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