Tribalism At The Epicenter Of Anglophone Entertainment Industry [REVIEW]


Is Tribalism a curse or blessing to the Anglophone Entertainment Industry?

In 2016, I wrote an extensive review on meet cameroonians about the Anglophone Entertainment Industry. Wherein, I explicitly highlighted: the hate, envy, self-centeredness, awards and the way forward of the industry. Surprisingly, not so much has changed over a period of 2 years. Consequently, here I am again in 2019 writing another review for 2018 aiming to decry tribalism in the industry.

Positive Highlights of 2018

Even with setbacks like the socio-political upheaval plaguing the two English speaking regions of Cameroon, the entertainment industry has experienced tremendous growth. Every sector of the entertainment industry developed a muscle:

  • The second edition of Bonteh Digital Media Awards (BDMA) was well organised.
  • Nkanya Nkwai emerged as the man of the year after his movie, ‘A Good Time To Divorce‘, won so many awards.
  • 237showbiz cemented its authority as the best Anglophone blog by organising an outstanding digital music competition.
  • Kowan, an 8-year-old kid was unfolded as the winner of 237show Biz Competition.
  • Sha Sha Designs initiated an Agbada Challenge in 2018. As a result, the strength and unity of Anglophone fashion designers, was made visible for all to see.
  • Noni White and Amah Fashion House followed her lead, and they all exhibited creativity in broad daylight.
  • Daphne is currently the holder of AFRIMMA’s title of the Best Female Artist in Central Africa.
  • KO-C went home from Balafon awards with a cheque of one million CFA – awarded by MTN – for his song; ‘Balancé’ was the most downloaded on MTN ZIK in 2018.
  • Comedians like Oboy Da Comic showed their prowess.
  • Mr Adrenaline took the Mandip Comedy Show to another level as A-list entertainers endorsed the episodes.
  • Content creating blogs like Kesa Mag (Fabz Chi) and Iyunade Blog (Davis E Tabot) Emerged.
  • Rene Immortal Matik proved to be a music business guru. In addition, he inspired a lot of upcoming musicians who shall make use of his music consultations in 2019.

Negative Highlights of 2018.

2018 wasn’t all a bed of roses for Anglophone entertainers and other stakeholders! There was a twitter war between Jovi, Tzy Panchak, Martin Enow and Stanley Enow. BDMA had no break down of blogging niche and ended up awarding a journalist an award meant for bloggers.

The hate, envy and self-centeredness of yesteryears, showered their ugly faces in 2018. Regrettably, a virus of stagnation called tribalism was predominant among all the negativities of 2018.

Tribalism At The Epicenter Of Anglophone Entertainment Industry

Samuel Eto’o made an attempt to walk out of the pitch when Real Zaragoza‘s fans abused him racially in 2005. Evidently,  even the high and mighty feel pain when racially attacked. Racism is one of the worst societal ills, deeply rooted in tribalism. Certainly, Anglophone entertainment industry is being built on the foundation of tribalism.

Paposy Concerts

Maahlox organised his concert at Paposy, Francophones didn’t support him because he was from a particular tribe or region; they supported him based on his ability as an entertainer. Conversely, Magasco‘s concert at the same venue was supported by certain stakeholders based on ‘Bamenda’ bonding.

Magasco is no doubt a very talented Musician. He ought to be supported by Cameroonians because of his artistry.

Wax Dey, the prominent CEO of Calabash Record; supposedly bought 200 tickets for 200 Bamenda boys and girls. Such a kind gesture would have had a far-reaching effect if it was inclusive.

Other tribalistic individuals were on Facebook calling on Bamenda to support her own. Thereby limiting Magasco’s reach and casting away the end result of inclusiveness.

Tribalism For Nigerians

Tribalism may work for Nigeria, but it will only go a long way to hamper the growth of Cameroon’s entertainment industry. Is there any tribe in English speaking Cameroon with a population of more than 1 million people? In Nigeria, there are approximately 32 Million Igbos, 30 million Yorubas and 55 million Hausas.

Nigerians can decide to create tribal entertainment industries, and it will work out for them because they have the numbers population wise.

Cameroon’s 240 estimated tribes are sparsely populated. Obviously, Tribalism will never work for Cameroon most especially, the two English speaking regions.

Ignorantly or knowingly, stakeholders and fans alike in English Speaking Cameroon have a detrimental tribal affiliation mentality which causes more harm than good in the entertainment industry’s ecosystem. In other words, tribalism is the chieftain of the ills impeding the overall growth of the Anglophone entertainment industry.

Tribal Lines

We have divided the industry into tribal lines. As a result, Our entertainers have been forced to embrace the openness of the Francophone markets, thereby selling the country internationally as solely a Francophone country. Anglophone musicians are recognised and awarded as best Francophones.

Mr Leo wouldn’t be singing in French if tribalism was of any good; given that Nso is the largest tribe in English speaking Cameroon.

Franko‘s ‘Coller La Petite’ is the most viewed Cameroonian video on Youtube. Secondly, is Daphne‘s ‘Calée’. This is to say, Francophones have forged for themselves a common identity. Obviously, they support any good music sang in the French language.

Tribalism In Blogosphere.

As a blogger, it doesn’t matter how researched your article is in English Cameroon. If your surname is not ‘Chi’, ‘Kange‘, ‘Ngomba’, ‘Fonyuy’ or ‘Tabot’; you will hardly ever get the recognition you deserve. Hence, creativity and research are not encouraged. People support mediocracy just because of one or two bonding factors.

I for one have created several outstanding contents in the entertainment industry that didn’t get as much recognition as merited. Perhaps, I need to remove Tabot from my name and go incognito like Ricky Million.

Tribalism is truly at the epicenter of the Anglophone entertainment industry, and it affected every sector.

Pseudonym,  Incognito and Ghost Entertainer

2018 was really an interesting year! We should give a hand of applause to the person behind the Pseudonyms ‘Ricky Million’ and ‘Landlord Satan E Brother’. These are individuals who have truly understood the biased nature of Anglophone entertainment industry and decided to go on an incognito mode by ghosting their profiles.

They really did entertain a lot of us. We liked, commented and shared their episodes not knowing their true identities. Do you think Ricky Million would have come anywhere close to popularity if he had attached a face and a surname to his work?

Anglophone Entertainers Should Learn From Ghanaians And Watch The Industry Explode.

7 million (47.5%) of Ghanaians identify themselves with the Akan language (Twi language), 100% with the Ghanaian pidgin English and 100% with the Standard English Language. This is to say, Ghanaians support and promote themselves based on their common identity.

As a result of too many minority tribes in Southern Cameroons, Anglophone entertainers cannot forge a common identity based on local languages. The only way out is the alignment of interests. Furthermore, Cameroonian pidgin English and the English language, spoken by Anglophones should be another uniting factor.

How To Align Interests

As stakeholders of the entertainment industry, we all have different interests:

  • Musicians are interested in fame, views on Youtube, Money and awards.
  • Filmmakers need sales for their production, recognition, awards.
  • Actors/actresses need stardom and money.
  • Bloggers’ best is traffic on their blogs, so they can also make money from adsense, adverts and promotion.
  • Models want to be seen everywhere, get contracts and make money as well.
  • Video Vixen ought to be featured in videos.
  • Dancers need the deals and recognition as well.

We can succeed within the speed of light if we make the entire entertainment industry our focal point. Thus, casting away every trace of tribalism and favouritism. Support and promoting creativity over mediocracy.

Eric S Bannav is an exemplary Southern Cameroonian, worthy enough to be a role model in as much as genuine support is concerned. selflessly, he promotes and supports stakeholders from every tribe, tongue and Village.

I will end this article by reiterating that, we can align our interests solely by making the entire industry our focal point. As a matter of fact, growth for the industry benefits every stakeholder. Whereas, clinging and tribalism may work for certain individuals, but the entire growth of the industry will be hampered.

Thanks for Reading

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Davis E Tabot 


  1. Esparanza Evita

    January 9, 2019 at 4:58 pm

    Awesome write up I totally agree with you on this, Tribalism shouldnt be at the forefront of our entertainment industry. Let’s be united despite the difference for our own sake

  2. Lobga Derick

    January 9, 2019 at 5:36 pm

    …and finally someone has come out to tell us what is good and what is bad. It’s really a pity that we want to amuse ourselves on tribal lines. We spend our time blaming the government for promoting tribalism meanwhile deep inside us, tribalism has taken it’s hold even one what is meant ti entertain us. I hope things will change in every niche of the entertainment industry.
    Kudos to the designers who have proven their unity in what they do. They more actors in the industry see themselves as partners of growth rather than negative competitors, then the entertainment industry will see better days.
    Kundos to Eric S. Bannav for standing taller than his tribal lines in his support for everything entertainment.
    Davis,this was a well thought out article coming at the right time. Kudos!

  3. Terenceleprince

    January 9, 2019 at 8:21 pm

    First of all I want to say, Im guilty on so Many counts. I guess we or let me say I was overshadowed by the #Marginilisation blame game! Consciously and unconsciously I can see and have promoted some of these ills. Thank you for this. I have learned my lessons. Who many learn too and we move forward.

  4. TerenceLeprince

    January 9, 2019 at 8:24 pm

    This is epic! And I must admit I am guilty on so many counts. I have learned and hope many will so we can move forward and together.

  5. Nene Nkengla

    January 10, 2019 at 9:33 am

    Wow this is great👌. U really nailed every thing. Hope people dobt only get to praise u but try to put what you have said in practice

  6. M

    January 12, 2019 at 6:52 pm

    Wow I think this one of the best articles I have ever read. Whether we like it or not we must shun tribalism in every sphere of life . After the appointment of ministers I head one of them(who who is an Anglophone) invited his tribe men to bring their certificate so that he can get them some juicy positions in his ministry……… When shall we grow. Lil Wayne, Usher, birdman, DMX, Jay z, kanye west, p diddy Beyonce etc are entertainment giants in a white dominated America. What if they were judged by the colour or their skin
    … Anglophones have got a lot of potentials but it will all water down to naught if we are tribalistic as we are …..

  7. Peter Nsoesie

    January 13, 2019 at 10:43 am

    Very interesting piece .but I don’t think anglophone musicians sing in french because of tribalism. It is an issue of complex. The entertainment industry in english speaking Africa is highly competitive. Nigeria. Ghana, Kenya and South Africa are household names. Our artists have what it takes to rub shoulders with stars from this zone . But they want to sing in french to conquer a less competitive market in french west and central Africa .

  8. Truth jr

    January 13, 2019 at 1:59 pm

    We have been going to our destination with blind eyes crawling and forgetting to switch on our torches. Finally, a reminder is here. It’s time to throw stones on target . This is good information..

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