Singer, Tzy Panchak tints hair blue but not everyone is loving it


Tzy Panchak is now the latest in a slew of male stars in Cameroon to try on a new look.

A selfie of the singer showing off his brand new blue hair has surfaced online and not everyone is a huge fan! However, he is not the only Cameroonian male star who has had the boldest male celebrity hairstyle transformation over the last few years. (See photos in our gallery below)

Tzy Panchak‘s love for the blue color transcends way beyond just clothing items, shoes or his label, Blu Nation. In fact, the Cameroonian singer has now tinted his hair blue as he prepares to celebrate the Easter Holidays.

Panchak, who always seems to tone things down when it comes to his public appearances, is now out of the box! He’s trying on new, edgy and more daring looks and we are so here for it… Well, not all of us though.


Tzy Panchak goes blue

The singer’s new blue tinted hair has practically sent fans into a trance! Some can’t believe he actually switched his hair color to blue, others still think it’s photoshop and others are so angry, they are calling him gay.

Tzy doesn’t just flaunt his new hair do, he also flashes his silver necklace and sparkly wrist watch and his shirtless body. But why is his hand gently laid on that necklace and why are his eyes searing sexily into the camera like that? And his lips… oh! his pink lips!

See how some of his fans are now reacting to his new look:

Despite the majority of fans responding that they did not favour his new ‘do or selfie, that hasn’t caused Tzy to second guess his decision or take down the pic from his Whatsapp status.

Check out our gallery below for photos of some top Cameroonian male stars who have also switched their hair color over the years:


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