Tzy Panchak says Cameroonian artists accept shitty deals just to survive


After a long week debate on social media over what Hip Hop artist Jovi Le Monstre may or maynot have collected for his Johnnie Walker Shows both in Douala and Yaounde, singer Tzy Panchak says the critics should slow down because sometimes Cameroonian artists do accept shitty deals just because they have to survive.

Blu Nation starboy, Tzy Panchak is coming to the defense of Cameroonian artists and the awkward deals they are forced to accept for shows, concerts or events in Cameroon, saying the country is too difficult to sometimes snub some of these cheques.

Speaking at a recent radio interview with Falix on Balafon FM, Panchak described the process of deal negotiation between artists and event organisers in Cameroon as ‘witchcraft’.

“C’est le marabou [witchcraft] I don’t know how to explain it… Things are very difficult for the artists here [in Cameroon]. Artists don’t have money. If we have money we can say no, we don’t accept. The county is so hard so you are forced to take anything just to survive… to shoot videos, to feed family etc,” the singer told Falix when asked if artists can’t refuse such shitty deals. 

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Panchak’s reaction comes only a few days after reported that Johnnie Walker company paid Nigerian artist, Tekno a huge sum [singer confirmed it to be 64M FCFA]  for his Cameroon concert in April meanwhile local supporting artists were given peanuts. The website claimed hiphop giant Jovi got only 2 million francs, a claim Jovi has long denied in a Facebook Live video.

Back in July, Panchak joined voices with music star, Stanley Enow to tell corporate Cameroon “enough is enough“. Both stars took to their social media platforms demanding respect and encouragement from corporate Cameroon to entertainers.

The pair expressed their frustrations on the way Cameroonian companies snub entertainers with their major concerns derived from the fact that entertainers consume the products of these same companies who do little or nothing to support the entertainment industry.

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