Tzy Panchak hints a possible mysterious collaboration with Dr Sid

Although neither Tzy Panchak now Dr Sid has confirm anything yet, it seems a possible collaboration between these two singers could happen this year… or next!

Tzy Panchak and Dr Sid had a strange conversation underneath one of Sid’s recent IG posts on May 31 which carried the phrases, “WAITING ON YOU” and “IT’S COOKING” accompanied by other familiar words like “BRO” and “GOOD”. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any “COMING SOON” at the end but we can definitely understanding what “it’s cooking” means in the music world.


Tzy Panchak hints possible collabo with Dr Sid


It’s all very mysterious. Why would Panchak tease a potential upcoming music collaboration and him hinting he is still waiting for Sid? It doesn’t make any sense unless Dr Sid is somehow involved. Has Tzy and Sid discuss on a making a song together before? Did Sid promise he will jump on a song with Panchak soon?

Given that Dr Sid is feeling great making music again – he just dropped a new single Good Time –  it’s not unreasonable to wonder if Panchak is featured on an upcoming single.


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Fans may have to wait to see if this collabo would come through in 2019 or 2020, so a ticking time bomb would fit right in with this new tease. Excuse the pun, but only time will tell.

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