Tzy Panchak reveals his favorite sex position

“Joan On Sex” finally got to sit down with the super sexy and talented Tzy Panchak to speak on love, relationship and what he loves and hates about sex.

In our recent live session with the “Like That” singer, the Blu Nation Soldier is spilling on his sex life and how he would love to get his idle girl by his side including what ladies love the most about him.

Enjoy our petit quizz with the handsome hunk below.

1. Best Compliment Received from Women?

Nice Smile. I get that alot from ladies. “Your smile makes me melt. Your smile makes me…” It’s about the smile.

2. How can a woman seduce you?

Erm… I don’t know. I like things my own way. I have to come to you not the other way round. You can send me boobs a.k.a nude pics but I have to like you first.

3. What do you wear to bed?

I like shorts and T-shirts. I don’t like panties because I’m a little bit ...too bigggggggg!!!!!!!

4. Best song to make love to?

My song of course.  But the song is not yet out. The title of the song is Sugar Sugar.

5. Lights on or off?

Whatever works. If lights gonna work, good. If its not going to work, fine. I just go with the flow.

6.  Favourite Sex position?

This one is difficult… kids will read this.

7. What will you whisper into a lady’s ear at night?

It’s Tzy Panchak oh! You already know!

8. Which female celeb would love a one night stand with?

Hello Rihanna!



Hope you now know more about El Chako‘s love and sex preferences. So single ladies, go try your luck!

Which Cameroonian celebrity would you love to see on our special #JoanOnSex session next? Let us know below

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