Tzy Panchak gets a brand new ride

tzy panchank

Tzy Panchak has begun to experience miracles in his life.

The singer, who recently went on his first US music tour, already has a new testimony to tell. This comes after he gifted himself with a brand new ride thanks to his darling US fans (See pictures below).

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The Blu Nation star reportedly got himself a new car, allegedly costing 6 million FCFA,  amid cheers and ululations from his fans all over the world.

“Thank you US..your support got me this new Ride. Forever grateful. Blunation soldier,” the “Ngueme” singer captioned pictured of his car on his Facebook page, Tuesday night.

Reports say this is the singer’s first car and fans have continued to pour support to the singer since his big announcement.

One fan wrote,“Talent pays. Wish you more success in your hustle.” Another said, “Tzy Panchacko, congrats brother. I always believe in you from day one. I am proud of you. Cameroon first son.” And another went on to say, “You are very lucky…. Good things happen to good people.” While another  blessed him with, “Tzy whenever you want to do something, always mention the Lord our God and it will  be successful. Ahead ahead, I am strongly behind you.” And so on and so forth.

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Congrats Tzy on your new ride, we can’t wait to see you ride it in Camer!

Pics of Tzy’s new car below:

Tzy Panchak

Tzy Panchak gets a new ride

Tzy Panchak

Tzy Panchak gets a new ride



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