Tzy Panchak applauds Jovi Le Monstre after Johnnie Walker performance

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Can Peace reign again!? Singer Tzy Panchak is giving a thumbs up to Jovi Le Monstre’s Johnnie Walker performance in Douala on April 18.

Tzy Panchak is now applauding the New Bell Music rapper after he gave out a solid performance at the first league of his much anticipated concert in Douala alongside Nigerian singer, Tekno and top Cameroonian stars like Minks, Ko-C and Shura.

The singer dropped a tweet on March 19 calling the rapper’s performance “great” while wishing him well as he gets ready for the second league in Yaounde.

Panchak‘s comment is coming after the rapper received some social media backlash last night for allegedly dishing out a playback performance instead of using a live band like the other MCs – Minks and Ko-C.

While some fans believe the ‘Stay With Me’ singer’s tweet comes in good faith, others claim he is begging for forgiveness from Jovi after both stars went head-to-head in a nasty Twitter feud which lasted above two weeks.

cameroon celebrities

Jovi slams Tzy Panchak again on Twitter

Infact, Jovi claimed he neither knew who Tzy Panchak was nor could he even pronounce his name. The rapper later claimed the Blu Nation’s star was the ‘Cameroon Davido‘ who lacked originality in his music. In his defense, Panchak slammed Jovi for being petty, insecure and unsupportive to the growth of young and aspiring Cameroonian artists. The singer also accused the rapper of spreading negativity in the music industry.

Panchak‘s new praise-y tweet, fans could now be rest assured that EL Chako is all for positivity and encouraging his fellow artists. Nothing more. We at also wish Jovi all the best in Yaounde as well.

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