Tzy Panchak rejects possible collaboration with Jovi Le Monstre


Tzy Panchak has closed every possibility of ever working on a song with rapper, Jovi le Monstre.

The Blu Nation singer has confirmed he will not be making music together with rapper and New Bell Music owner, Jovi in the near future. He’s however hinted that he has a new song with Nigerian singer, Dr. Sid, dropping soon.

In his most recent Live sessions on his Instagram, Tzy Panchak responded with a big fat “NO” when a fan asked, “Do you have any interest in a collab with Jovi?


Tzy Panchak rejects Jovi collaboration

Although the singer didn’t share, with the fan, the reason why he quickly rejected a future collaboration with Jovi aka Mbokogod, it’s also possible that Panchak wants nothing [musically] to do with Jovi after their nasty social media brawl back in November 2018.

Both stars clashed on Facebook and Twitter after rapper, Jovi slammed his rival, Stanley Enow‘s 2018 hit song, ‘My Way’ [featuring Panchak and Locko]. Panchak fired back, telling Jovi “shut up! Some dull thing1” and declaring him a prominent hater who doesn’t support growth in the industry because he’s too [selfish].

However, Tzy Panchak was one of the few artists who praised Jovi after his Johnnie Walker Concert in Douala back in April. The singer told us, “we [musicians] need support from Cameroonians just as the mbokogang supports Jovi.”

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Tzy Panchak and Jovi le Monstre

Dcoders, do you think Tzy Panchak is right to reject a Jovi collaboration? Why do you think he did? Share your thoughts in our comment section below.

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