Tzy Panchak’s beach vacation: Singer goes shirtless in Kribi

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Tzy Panchak is often seen rocking his shirts but at the beach in Kribi recently, the singer ditched his shirt for the first time to enjoy the rays of the sun and the freshness of the sea winds.

It’s been quite a busy year for Tzy Panchak, traveling for one international concert to the next and promoting his new singles. So, it’s only fair for the Blu Nation soldier to treat himself to a lavishing beach time.

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cameroon celebrity

Tzy Panchak

The ‘Ngueme’ singer stripped down on the beaches to get a little adventurous and we can’t say, he doesn’t look hot!

Panchak showed off his trimmed body physique rocking a black Michael Kors underwear and other accessories like his double necklaces, blinged studs and dark shades. But he just had to add his infectious smile unto the mix!

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cameroon celebrity

The singer also made sure his fans approved the type of drink he consumes by the beach as he took selfies sipping on to a broken coconut.

There are no doubts that Panchak needs to rest his body and his voice every once in while as he continues to pursue greater goals in his career… and a little cozy beach side fun isn’t so bad.

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cameroon celebrity

Tzy Panchak goes shirtless at Kribi

DCODERS, how will you rate Tzy Panchak’s body?

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