Urban Jamz Awards 2018 to hold in March

Urban Jamz Awards

Urban Jamz Awards 2018  is totally happening!

Valery Atia, founder of the music award has announced that the 2018 edition of the award show will be held in March.

As we earlier reported, the previous edition of the Urban Jamz Awards was cancelled due to social unrest in the English-speaking part of the country.

“It was best we cancelled the show for security purposes,” Atia explained to us. “We didn’t want a situation where fans and celebrities won’t feel safe to be out at night in Buea or be harmed because they were out at an award show.”

It’s fair to say security issues have been put to rest because the organizer says the next edition of the award holds in March and it will be lit!

“The next edition of Urban Jamz Awards will not have so much changes. The only thing I will say is that winners from the previous year will be invited to the show to collect their trophies,” says Atia.

Stay with us for further details.

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