Valentine’s Day 2019: Chris Okagbue, Joan Ngomba pack on the PDA

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Nollywood star, Chris Okagbue and Cameroonian media personality, Joan Ngomba are packing on the PDA for Valentine’s Day 2019.

Is love in the air for these two sexy African celebrities? Nigerian actor, Chris Okagbue and popular Cameroonian blogger, Joan Ngomba look sizzling hot while celebrating this year’s Valentine’s Day in new pictures.

The pair is all boo’d up in these new images while on set for a photo shoot in Lagos with Cameroonian celebrity makeup artist, Corine Lastar, released on February 14. Even though they appear happy and comfortable in each other’s company, they are not a couple, confirms the makeup artist.

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cameroon celebrities

Chris Okagbue and Joan Ngomba for Valentine’s Day 2019

Chris and Joan are only using these pictures to spread a message on the importance of love, trust and respect within relationships. According to the makeup artist, Corine Lastar, the concept behind her shoot  this year was to reinforce the aspect of genuinity and vulnerability within love relationships.

“Many young couples forget how to love and be open to one another in their relationships. Most of them carry the weight of their careers and other family responsibilities into their relationships or marriages that they completely forget how to love one another as a couple,” explains Corine.

“A couple is supposed to be there for one another, in good times and bad times. However, they should also create the time to spend with themselves alone, loving themselves like when they started dating. Times spent together will help them build love, trust and respect all over again. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and couples who remain together need to celebrate what they feel for one another is the best and most intimate way possible,” she adds.

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Chris Okagbue and Joan Ngomba for Valentine’s Day 2019

Joan, who is also known for using her famous column, ‘Joan on Sex‘ to share her know-how on what happens or should happen in the bedroom claims that the aspect of intimacy in relationships is to help bring two people together for a common goal – to share love.

The Cameroonian media personality is seen in pictures openly sharing her emotions with Chris but says both are just friends who had a blast doing this project together.

“It’s an honour for me to had worked with an African superstar like Chris [ Okagbue] on this project. He is down to earth and very professional when it comes to work. We had a lot of fun doing this and knew many people would misinterpret these photos for a relationship. That’s ok but we are not dating. We remain good friends,” she explains.

Joan has been linked to having secret affairs with Cameroonian celebrities like Blaise B, Tino Foy and Makon in the past but no one seems to know who she’s really dating. However, her vivid descriptions and candid advice on sex, love, dating and relationships on her column as well as her consistent appearances as red carpet host at major events in the country has gained her fame and respect among fans.

Although we may have wanted these pics to scream Joan and Chris are indeed a romantic couple,  we are so glad these celebs could use their personalities and emotions to remind us to get closer in love while sharing time with a special partner in life.


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See all pictures of Chris and Joan serving Valentine’s Day envy in our gallery below.

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