Wan Shey drops His Twin Ep project enjoy good music.

All Economies are gradually embracing the internet world (digital economies) with passion. Wan Shey the sole artist signed under the Sabiboy Records finally dishes out the long most anticipated Twin EP which industry stakeholders and fans have been curious to get. So Inspiring, motivating and touching are the EPs. Each EP has its name with similar flows and rhymes.

chop chair ep is the title of his first EP which gives an in-depth vibe about Shey’s biography capturing titles like Ndolo and Kimbo and a host of others which will definitely leave you in a very deep thinking mood with the urge to do something great to better your life.

chop chair

chop chair


SERENE EP discloses Wan Shey’s future plans and the current state of mind which is Characterized by very precise, conscientious attention to details accompanied by melodious instrumentals that you would not like to be left out.

cameroon artist

How do you purchase the EPs?

This should be your one and only preoccupation now. Shey is not in any way trying to sort out social media noisemakers who only talk without support. Stand out and promote this high spirited artiste by following the below instructions and links to purchase.

Firstly, choose the EP you wish to purchase and access the link of your choice.

For Chop Chair EP, click on the first link if you are based in Cameroon. For SERENE EP click on the second link.

International purchase of THE TWIN EP PROJECT by Wan Shey shall be carried out via MUZIKOL. Click the first link for Chopchair EP and for the second link SERENE EP. Once this is done, validate using your MOMO code. Immediately, a download link will be sent to your email account. Purchase by means of VISA/MASTER CARDS and AMERICAN EXPRESS. You won’t regret … Let’s go




chopchair EP

Serene EP

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