WhizzKliff: 8 Things to know about Stanley Enow’s new designer and stylist

stanley enow

WhizzKliff has become a swift sensation on social media and in the fashion, styling and modeling world after famous rapper, Stanley Enow began rocking some of his exclusive designs both home and abroad.

The young fashion designer quickly rose to the limelight after the ‘Hein Pere’ hit maker rocked his design to meet with the Ghanaian president,  Nana Akufo-Addo at an AFRIMA tour back in May. From then on, Stanley Enow has been spotted in multiple WhizzKliff Designs at media events, music events and most recently, on set of his latest video, Cassanova.

Well, we went digging and here are 8 things you’d probably like to know about WhizzKliff.

stanley enow

Stanley Enow fashion lessons in Casanova video

1. What’s your name and which part of Cameroon do you hail from?

My name is Ngeh Clifford Nformi and I’m from the Ndu-Nkambe tribe in the North West Region of Cameroon. I grew up in Bamenda town.

2. When did you start designing clothes and do you specialize in men’s wear?

I began designing clothes in High School but never had a platform to showcase my talent. So, I began sewing my school uniforms and my clothes right up to the university. At the St. Louis Higher Institute of Health and Biomedical Science , I would always design my lab jackets which eventually earned me the nickname, “Kliff sexy nurse” because I was studying medicine.
I do both male and female clothes, shoes, handbags and so many other accessories and I do design even for babies. I’m not limited to anything specific. I am a brand like Gucci and Versace. I create everything fashionable but with respect to the African culture.

3. Where did the name Whizz come from?

The name Whizz came from my music. Lol. Thats how my friends used to call me when I started off as a rapper. I was on the official  cover of Salatiel’s hit song, ‘Fap Nkolo’ and the Alpha Better boss at that time invited me over to the studio for some meetings. It was great but I wasn’t based in Buea so that limited our  future music deals together. I had to go back home  to Bamenda and take my designing career to another level because I always wanted to be a boss of my own .

4. What lesson you have learned from Stanley Enow now that you’re his official designer?

Humility, hard work , speed and professionalism. With him everything has to be on another level. I’m grateful for the opportunity to showcase my designs on such a great star.
stanley enow

Stanley Enow rocks WhizzKliff Design  in Ghana

5. What can you say about fashion in Cameroon?

It’s gradually evolving to something great. Africa and the world  would hear about us just like the dress I designed for Stanley [Enow] to meet with the President of Ghana. It was the most appreciated of all outfits at the event. So, Cameroon gained the recognition that night for great African designs. I did well and thanks to King Kong for choosing to wear WhizzKliff.

6. What’s your best moment in designing?

My best moment should be when an idea pops up which I believe will make history then I execute it and it makes history… just like what I’m doing for our stars. I always get  5-star ratings for their  outfits.  I made clothes for VIPs like: Stanley Enow, Pit Baccardi Locko, Tzy Panchak, Fai Collins, Martin Enow, the Governor and so many others .

7. Biggest mistake you have ever made in this business?

To trust my clients enough to deliver their goods before payment and they receive and don’t pay.

8. What’s the future of WhizzKliff Design?

The future for WhizzKliff would be left in God’s hands because  only him knows the end.  I haven’t started yet. All what I have archived so far is just the beginning for me. Bigger things ahead. We remain positive and in God, we trust. #Godsplan
stanley enow

Stanley Enow and WhizzKliff

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