Why can’t I date my sexy boss?

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First of all no one hasn’t forbidden you from dating or falling in love with your boss. The only issue is, relationships have rules and this one may not end so well.

Office romance is not advisable. However, I can’t control how humans feel for each other and what they can or cannot do when feelings are involved.

A young man writes to me the other day sharing his fears and anxiety about approaching his sexy boss, to tel her how he truly feels about her. Apparently my young ready was in love with his boss and didn’t know how to tell her.

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In his letter to me, he says it’s something he never knew would ever happen – falling for your boss, he means. But it did happen and now, because he can’t tell her, his days at the office with her in it is becoming more miserable.

I really feel sorry for my young friend here. If only someone would have advised him to kill those feeling from the very beginning… But well, as I earlier said, you can’t control how humans feel for one another. Now, how do I help him?

My stand on office romance is a no-no. I believe that to build a solid relationship with someone, you don’t have to be in the same venues all the time. People need space. They need their own time to think about their activities or decisions. Seeing each other every minute or spending everyday together gets overwhelming at some point.

When you are good, all is good. When you fight, the office suffers. No matter how you can try to contain or control events, your true self and emotions always come out. Its never healthy.

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I would suggest that of my dear reader really wants this boss, he should start by resigning and go get a job someplace else. He should take the time he’s in the same office with her to know her character better.

I know that if two people are supposed to be together, they will but do not delay the process by just being stubborn or forceful. Love takes time to grow and doesn’t really take much time to die.

Leave that office, get a better job at another office, and contact her. At this moment, there will be some sort of familiarity already. Since you both already know each other. Allow her to know you better just as you want to know her better than the boss lady.

That’s all I have to say to my dear Patrick in Douala.

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